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Introduction to Type-C Cable Design for USB PD + Energy Harvesting Design | Cypress Semiconductor

Introduction to Type-C Cable Design for USB PD + Energy Harvesting Design

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Workshop Date: May 3rd, 2016

Workshop AddressGoogle Map Link

90 East Halsey Road

Parsippany, NJ 07054

Workshop Start / End Time: 8:30am - 4:00pm

​Food Provided: Breakfast & Lunch

Workshop Contact Person: Rob Mauro

Workshop Objectives: Introduction to Type-C

By the end of this workshop, you will:

  • Understand the basics of the new USB Type-C standard
  • Understand the different types of Electronically Marked Cable Assembly (EMCA) applications
  • Know how to simplify the design of your EMCA using the Cypress Easy Power Delivery
  • (EZ-PD) Type-C controller Gen 2 (CCG2)
  • Know the schematic requirements for different types of EMCA
  • Know how to quickly design different types of EMCA using the CY4502 EZ-PD CCG2 Development Kit
  • Know how to update configuration parameters of EMCA with vendor-specific information


Workshop Objectives: Introduction to Energy Harvesting Design

By the end of this workshop, you will:

  • Become familiar with Cypress’s Solar-Powered IoT Device Kit
  • Understand the architecture of a solar-powered Wireless Sensor Node (WSN)
  • Understand the architecture of an Energy Harvesting System (EHS)
  • Learn how to develop a solar-powered WSN with EHS by understanding:
    • How to measure the power delivered by an EHS
    • How to select EHS components
    • How to calculate the power required for the EHS Load
    • How to design and optimize an EHS
  • Create a Network of IoT Devices
  • Learn how to design a solar-powered Beacon with temperature sensor


Workshop Agenda:

Time Topic
0:20 (20 min) Setup and Install Software
0:30 (10 min) Energy Harvesting Terms
0:40 (10 min) Lab 1: Connect Your Bluetooth Low Energy Wireless Sensor Node (WSN) to Your PC
0:55 (15 min) Lab 2: Understand the Power Delivered by an Energy Harvesting System (EHS)
1:05 (10 min) EHS Components Selection
1:15 (10 min) Demo 1: How to Change Firmware on the Solar-Powered IoT Device Kit
1:25 (10 min) Break
1:35 (10 min) Demo 2: Create a Network of Solar-Powered IoT Devices
2:15 (30 min) Lab 3 –Design an EHS using the Easy DesignSimä Software
2:50 (30 min) Lab 4: Design a Solar-Powered Beacon6 with Temperature Sensor
3:35 (45 min) Break - lunch
3:40 (5 min) USB-PD and Cypress Terms
3:55 (15 min) Introduction to USB Type-C
4:05 (10 min) Designing Your First EMCA
4:35 (30 min) Lab 1: Designing a Passive EMCA With One CCG2 Controller
5:05 (30 min) Lab 2: Designing a Passive EMCA With Two CCG2 Controllers
5:15 (10 min) Type-C Plug Orientation Detection Mechanism
5:45 (30 min) Lab 3: Updating Your CCG2 EMCA With Configuration Data and Firmware
5:55 (10 min) Wrap-up
6:00 End of workshop


Required Software

The software required for this workshop can be found here. Please download prior to the Workshop.

PMIC Software Tool, USB Driver, PSoC Creator 3.3

Required Hardware

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