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What's New In PSoC Creator 4.1 | Cypress Semiconductor

What's new in PSoC Creator 4.1

The latest release of PSoC Creator combines great new features and support for exciting new PSoC devices.

New Devices

We are adding support for two new series of PSoC 4 devices and extending System Hardware Manager to include SHM35x3L devices.

PSoC 4000DS and PSoC 4200DS are a pair of entry level Arm Cortex-M0 MCU series with highly programmable and configurable digital functions in the smallest form factor. Unlike 4000DS, the 4200DS parts include universal digital blocks (UDB).

The SHM35x3L System Hardware Manager extends Cypress’s family of turnkey and programmable solutions targeted towards Power Supervision, Thermal Management and control applications


Web-Based Content Delivery

The big change in this release is the ability to get updates to Cypress content from our web site. The key benefit of web-based content delivery is that devices, Components, and code examples can be distributed as soon as they are ready, instead of waiting for the next PSoC Creator update.

The Tools menu has been updated to add two items to find new Components and devices. Simply click on the menu items to check for, and download, new content whenever you choose.

Comparator Diagram Tools

The Find Code Examples dialog has been updated with indicators when new/updated code examples are available. In the image below the ADC_Differential_Preamplifier01 project is available and can be downloaded. The ADC_DMA_VDAC is already on disk but there is a newer version on the web.

Whatsnew Png

Because we can now distribute Components via the web we can reduce the number of components and Code Examples that ship with PSoC Creator. We have removed over 150 Components (from prior releases) from the distribution, which shall speed up both download and installation time. If you have a project that still needs the older components, simply use the tools discussed above to download it in seconds.

Pre- and Post-Build User Commands

Many users requested this feature and so we updated the Build Settings dialog to provide a User Commands page. This allows you to insert custom pre- and post-build commands into the build flow.

Whatsnew Png

Component Customizer Dialog Updates

We have made several small enhancements to the default Configure dialog to improve the user experience with Components. We now have more ways to describe the parameters, make calculations with them, and guide the user to legal choices. We are already using this extensively in our Component development projects and it is saving a lot of development time because we can make really easy-to-use interfaces without writing a lot of C# code.

Whatsnew Png

The dialog is 100% compatible with Components created for older versions of the tool so, if you maintain your own library of content, there is no porting effort required. If you are just starting out with Component creation you will be able to take full advantage of the new GUI immediately.

New GNU Toolchain for Arm-based PSoC Devices

PSoC Creator 4.1 ships with GNU Arm Embedded v5.4 (2016 Q2 update release). This is an upgrade from v4.9 (2015 Q1 update release) that shipped with PSoC Creator 4.0. The toolchain has no use restrictions and does not require license activation (it is distributed under the terms of the GNU Public License).

Component Updates

The release includes one brand new Component, the ADC_UAB (v1.0), which is an Analog-Digital Converter implemented in the Universal Analog Block of the PSoC Analog Coprocessor.

In addition the following Components have been updated.

  • CapSense_P4 4.0
  • CSD_ADC 1.10
  • cy_boot 5.60
  • cy_gsref 2.10
  • PowerMonitor_P4 2.0

Discontinued Support for Windows XP and Windows Vista

As communicated previously, support for Windows XP and Windows Vista has been discontinued in PSoC Creator 4.1. Microsoft has discontinued support for these Windows platforms and is not maintaining compatibility with them in the .NET framework.

We constantly seek to improve PSoC Creator by adding new features and improving the user interface. Increasingly, the latter was becoming difficult because older Windows platforms cannot support the new versions of .NET that we need to use in order to keep the interface modern, intuitive and reliable. We have discontinued support for the older platforms so that we can take advantage of new technologies and continue to improve our product.

Note that this change does NOT apply to PSoC Programmer. There is no plan to discontinue support for Windows Vista or Windows XP in that product.