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WASS Technology

Cypress Wireless Audio Stereo Synchronization (WASS)

What is WASS?

WASS™ (Wireless Audio Stereo Synchronization) is a novel wireless technology developed by Cypress that delivers synchronized audio sound in wireless earbuds. It also brings a high-end audio experience to premium sport neckbands and headphones.

Stereo synchronization has been particularly challenging for wireless audio devices, as even the slightest connection loss can result in a frustrating user experience. Cypress’ WASS technology leverages the highest-performance RF connections and low-latency switching to enhance synchronization between the left and right ears and advanced error-correction algorithms to ensure the industry’s highest-fidelity connections and purest sound.

How Does WASS Work?

Traditional wireless audio devices suffer from latency and packet-loss issues that cause devices to be out of sync with one another. Latency can be caused by such things as audio buffers, analog-to-digital converters, and hardware drivers that an audio signal experiences as it moves over the airwaves from a phone, watch, or activity tracker to the earbuds. Cypress’ WASS technology leverages proprietary algorithms to deliver a high fidelity, error-free listening experience.

WASS Earbud Design

In addition to correcting for synchronization issues, this wireless earbud solution from Cypress (shown above) features active listening with a six-hour battery life. It also features a link budget that is 6dB better than competing solutions, resulting in significantly extended range and uninterrupted entertainment.

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