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Smart Home

Smart Home

Microcontrollers and Wi-Fi connectivity are transforming traditional devices, like doorbells and thermostats, into gateways that can alert consumers’ smart phones to activity and enable intelligent control home-automation systems. See how Cypress’ broad array of IoT solutions are helping manufacturers bring the most-advanced smart and connected products into people’s lives.

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Everything Connected

Smart-home gadgets allow users to control lights or monitor security systems using a smartphone, stream music to a speaker with Alexa, remotely unlock or lock the front door, and much more. But these gadgets are about much more than just convenience. Check out this video to learn more.


PSoC 6 Dual-Core MCU

The PSoC 6 MCUs' dual-core architecture provides a hardware-based root-of-trust, plus hardware-accelerated cryptography and true random-number generation.


2.4GHz/5GHz Wi-Fi Combo

Dual-band 2.4GHz/5GHz Wi-Fi Combo chips enable better whole-home coverage and efficient use of bandwidth.

Cypress Solutions Solve Four Critical IoT Challenges

Cypress’ Touch, See, and Talk solutions are redefining the smart-home and changing the way people experience the IoT. Through sleek and elegant button-less interfaces, voice-controlled solutions, and visually engaging interactive displays, Cypress helps developers seamlessly integrate technology into everyday life. We also help developers design reliability, longevity, security, and ease-of-use into their IoT products, to create a truly differentiated user experience, as noted in the examples below:

Easy Setup and Maintenance

Our Wi-Fi/Bluetooth combo chips for smart homes combine low-power BLE and best-in-class-Wi-Fi radios to connect anything to almost everything else. What's more, we can help make setup and maintenance even easier for your customers with our Cirrent Zip Key Wi-Fi onboarding and network intelligence tool.


Whole-Home Coverage

One of the most-common frustrations with in-home Wi-Fi is lack of whole-home coverage. This can be the result of Wi-Fi access point location, building materials in the home, or radio interference. Cypress' Dual-band 2.4GHz/5GHz Wi-Fi Combo chips with beam-forming enable better whole-home coverage and efficient use of available bandwidth.


Long Battery Life

Cypress' Wi-Fi + Bluetooth combos and PSoC 6 MCUs deliver extended battery life without sacrificing performance. PSoC 6 is built on an ultra-low power 40nm process and uses as little as 22-uA/MHz in active power mode and 4.5uA in deep sleep mode.


Secure Connections

The PSoC 6 MCUs’ dual-core architecture provide a hardware-based root-of-trust, providing protection against unauthorized access to keys. In addition, hardware accelerated cryptography and true random-number generation is provided.

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Smart Lock
Smart lock systems enable users to remotely lock or unlock a door via an Internet-connected device. Cypress’ integrated smart lock solutions include one or more PSoC 6 devices to drive LEDs, accelerometers, touch interfaces, motors, displays, and fingerprint systems. Meanwhile, Cypress’ Wi-Fi and Bluetooth combo chips can be employed for device connectivity.

Smart Doorbell
Smart doorbells are one of the latest innovations in home security, and one of the easiest-to-implement. Cypress’ PSoC 6 MCU can be used in these systems to manage multiple system resources, including motion sensors, battery life, microphone, speaker, and camera. Cypress’ Wi-Fi + Bluetooth combo chip provides robust wireless connectivity, while our fingerprint controller can be provided added security.

Smart thermostat systems allow users to connect their home HVAC systems to the internet so that they can easily monitor system settings from any connected smartphone, tablet, or PC.

IP Camera
IP cameras give users a sense of security by enabling them to remotely monitor activity around their homes and businesses. Cypress’ MCU solutions manage motion, audio, and light sensors and drive LEDs. Meanwhile our Wi-Fi and Bluetooth combo chip provides wireless connectivity between the device and internet.

Smart Speaker
Cypress’ smart speaker solutions enable users to play and control music through wireless speakers from a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth-connected source. Cypress solutions include touch- or voice-enabled interfaces provided by PSoC MCUs, and wireless connectivity through its broad array of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and combo chips.

Set Top Box
Set-top boxes provide the all-important interface between your television set and your video service provider. Cypress set-top-box solutions include Bluetooth wireless connectivity, USB connections, and NOR Flash for storing system data.

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