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HMI | Cypress Semiconductor



Powering Connected Interaction

loT devices require intuitive and robust ways to interact with them. Cypress provides several HMI solutions:

  • Cypress’ cutting-edge sensing technologies have enabled us to be the market leader in capacitive- and inductive-sensing
  • Voice: Local User Voice Identification (LUVI), Amazon Voice Services
  • Touch display
  • Industry-leading CapSense® capacitive-sensing can be used for applications that require touch buttons, sliders, wheels, trackpads, and touchscreens
  • MagSense inductive-sensing can be used in applications that require metal detection
  • Display driving: PSoC® 6 and graphics library (Segger emWin)
  • PSoC 6 MCUs are able to interface to virtually any analog or digital sensor through software-defined peripherals used to create custom analog and digital circuits
  • Wireless audio synchronization (WASS) for audio earbuds, headsets, etc.