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FM4 Family Graphics Solution | Cypress Semiconductor

FM4 Family Graphics Solution

Various graphics output is required for embedded applications with TFT HMIs such as home appliances, multi-function printers, industrial equipment, electronic musical instruments, security systems, and similar. As part of Cypress’s FM4 Family this solution incorporates a dedicated hardware graphics engine that allows rich display images with cost-effective single-chip solution. The graphics engine and 512 KB of video RAM allow complex image overlap, mirroring, scaling, and image movement with very little CPU overhead. Previously this type of sophisticated graphics was only possible only with multi-chip solutions costing much more. The Cypress solution comes complete with a graphics authoring tools and low level libraries for the graphics engine.

System Diagram


Evaluation Board Diagram


This solution supports the following features.

  • 2D TFT rendering graphics, with 8/16/24 bit color support
  • Up to SVGA resolution
  • Graphics controller offloads MCU
  • MCU free to process other functions
    (Touch, Sensor Interface, Audio Processing, Motor Control)
  • PC-based graphics authorization tools / low cost baords / graphic control library