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5G Solutions with Semper NOR FlashSemper 5G Video Image

Semper 5G Block Diagram

What is 5G and why is it important?

5G is a next-generation wireless standard that will enable a host of new applications such as Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), connected vehicles, and connected portable medical devices. 5G will offer more than 20X the bandwidth of current networks and improved latency—all requiring the highest reliability (99.9999%) to allow an “always connected” network.

What is Cypress’ role in 5G?

The SoCs and FPGAs that power 5G small cells, radios and base stations, require an increasing amount of configuration and boot code data to be stored and quickly accessible in order to deliver the high reliability, bandwidth, and functionality demanded by the new applications that 5G enables. Cypress NOR Flash devices are the ideal memory solution for these applications.

Unlike competing memory technologies like NAND Flash, eMMC and SD cards, Cypress’ failsafe Semper™ NOR Flash devices deliver the needed density from 256Mb to 4G with unparalleled reliability, performance, and more than 10-year product lifecycles. Semper devices are also qualified compatible with FPGAs from the two largest market leaders: Xilinx and Intel (Altera) as well as the leading network SoCs from NXP, Renesas and TI.

Cypress’ Semper NOR Flash Advantage:

  • Decades of experience serving leading global brands in the wireless networking space
  • Unparalleled reliability with cyclic redundancy checking (CRC) and error correction; Failsafe
  • Secures configuration image/boot code via secure boot and access control processes
  • Up to 4Gb density to address larger-configuration images in FPGAs and SoCs
  • Low-pin-count serial interfaces, including standard, Quad-SPI and Dual Quad-SPI, enabling a reduction in PCB (board) size, and smaller form-factor devices
  • Low 1.8V power: features deep power-down and standby modes to reduce power consumption
  • Octal SPI and Hyperbus interfaces delivering performance comparable to parallel interfaces
  • Temperature up to 105°C without requiring heat sinks (ideal for outdoor usage)
  • Qualified with Xilinx, Intel/Altera FPGAs and SOCs, NXP, Renesas, and TI
  • Product availability for more than 10 years

Block Diagram

5G Small Cell

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