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Introduction to Cypress IoT Solutions Workshop | Cypress Semiconductor

Introduction to Cypress IoT Solutions Workshop

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June 30, 2020

This hands-on, half day training workshop is designed to address the challenges in developing IoT products and equip engineers with key technical skills to develop cloud-connected products, using:

  • BCM943364W WiFi SiP Module
  • Cloud Services

Challenges that typically need to be solved when developing IoT Products:

  • Connectivity challenges (wireless protocols & standards)
  • Security & privacy (authentication & encryption)
  • Cloud storage, analysis, computing/actions
  • Device management, field updates, system scalability
  • Mobile platform integration (smartphones & tablets)

Workshop Objectives:

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to :

  • Navigate the WICED development environment
  • Develop a custom application in 5 minutes
  • Connect, upload and review data from Cloud serve


Workshop Agenda

Time                            Topic

9:00 (10 min)               Set Up and Install Software

9:10 (10 min)               IoT & Cypress Terms

9:30 (30 min)              CREATOR and WICED IoT Eco systems

10:00 (15 min             Introduction for Kit Hardware

10:15 (30 min)            Lab 0: Snip- Scan. Understand how to use code snippets to quickly implement custom applications using common functions.  Use the code snippet ‘scan’ to scan for nearby Wi-Fi access points.

10:45 (15min)             Break

11:00 (30min)             Lab 1: Test Console. Using the WICED SDK to the Make Target and create a new build target to run the Test Console project.

11:30 (30min)             Lab 2: Bluemix IoT- Data to the Cloud

12:00 (15 min)           Demo 1: Create a Network of Solar-Powered IoT Devices1

12:15 (15 min)           Wrap-up

12:30 (15 min)           Appendix


Required Software:

WICED Software will be provided on USB drive during class set-up period

Required Hardware:

BCM943364WCD1_EVB Evaluation and Development Kit will be provided on the day to be used during the class.

Please bring your own Windows-based laptop with at least 2 free USB ports

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