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Hands-On Training Workshop: Introduction to Type-C Design for USB PD | Cypress Semiconductor

Hands-On Training Workshop: Introduction to Type-C Design for USB PD

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February 27, 2018



Cypress makes USB Type-C and USB-PD design and debug easy(EZ) by offering standalone EZ-PD port controllers, Reference designs, EZ-PD Software Development Kits and EZ-PD USB-PD Protocol Analyzer tools.

EZ-PDCCG3 is Cypress’s third generation USB Type-C controller integrating all required elements as well as additional value add features while offering upgradability requirements for USB Type-C DFP, UFP and DRP Applications. CCG3 is the only USB Type-C and Power Delivery controller that supports 20-V operation, USB Authentication, the USB Billboard Device Class and fail-safe flash updates. Cypress Type-C and PD products also include: CCG2, CCG4, CCG4M, and HX3C

EZ-PDCY4500 is Cypress’s first generation USB-PD Protocol analyzer for developing and debugging any USB Type-C, USB-PD connection. Capturing PD traffic on an oscilloscope is too cumbersome and most analyzers will break your R&D budget. CY4500 is based on the Cypress PSoC® 5LP MCU.

EZ-PDSoftware Development Kit is Cypress’s first generation USB-PD SDK enabling customers and partners to leverage the certified PD Stack Cypress has developed and add their own application specific code on top of this stack. Cypress enables customer development with the PSoC® Creator Integrated Design Environment (IDE) and sample application specific project files. An API specification directs efficient access into and out of the certified PD Stack to maintain compliance and certification with USB-IF standards.


Workshop Objectives:

By the end of this workshop, you will:

  • Understand the basics of the new USB Type-C and USB-PD standards
  • Understand different types of Downstream Facing Port (DFP), Upstream Facing Port (UFP) and Dual Role Port (DRP) applications
  • Understand key design considerations when planning Type-C and USB-PD applications
  • Know how to simplify the design of your DRP, DFP, UFP using the Cypress EZ-PD Type-C controller Gen 3 (CCG3)
  • Know how to capture USB-PD traffic using the Cypress EZ-PD CY4500 PD Protocol Analyzer and the EZ-PD Analyzer Software Utility.


Workshop Agenda:

Time Topic
Registration (30 mins) Check-in and refreshments
Start Time (15 mins) Introduction and Software Installation
0:15 (45 mins) Type-C Concepts and Market Trends; Cypress CCGx Silicon and Market-Leading Solutions
1:00 (10 mins) Break
1:10 (45 mins) Lab Theory: The Type-C Specification and the functions of the Type-C Port Controller, Demo with Student Participation
Lab #1: Basic USB Type-C DRP Demo using CY4531 EZ-PD CCG3 EVK
Lab #2A: Scenario1 – Analyzing Dead Battery Operation using CY4500 EZ-PDT Protocol Analyzer
1:55 (10 mins) Break
2:05 (45 mins) Lab Theory: The 4 Functions of USB-PD, SOP*, VBUS Power, Role Negotiation and Alternate Modes
2:50 (10 mins) Break
3:00 (45 mins) Lab #3: Introduction to Role Swaps in USB-PD using the CY4531 EZ-PD CCG3 EVK and the CY4500 EZ-PDTM Protocol Analyzer
3:45 (15 mins) FW SDK (Software Development Kit) Introduction | Questions and Answers
4:00 (END) Wrap-up; NPS Survey


Required Software:
The software required for this workshop will be provided at the workshop on a memory stick.

Required Hardware:
A Windows laptop with two free USB 3.0 ports will be required to complete the labs.

Students will have CY4531 and CY4500 kits for use during the labs of this workshop.

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