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FM3/FM4 Seminar | Cypress Semiconductor

FM3/FM4 Seminar

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March 30, 2016
Date: Please refer to our website for calendar date.
Time: 09.00 AM – 05.00 PM / open end
Location: Spansion International Inc. / Cypress
Germany Branch
D-63225 Langen (nearby Frankfurt/M), Germany
Fee: 0 Euro (free)
Included (for first participation only): Starter kit SK-FM3-100PMC-MB9BF516N
An upgrade to SK-FM3-100PMC-9BF516N-JL (starter kit including J-LINK adapter) can be requested during your registration for an additional fee of €180.

Seminar Objectives:

The seminar provides the basics of the FM3/FM4 – Cortex®-M3/-M4 based microcontroller family from Cypress with the focus on architecture, hardware configuration, peripheral resources, and programming. Beside clock distribution and the embedded Flash memory, each peripheral resource is introduced and explained. Additionally development tool chains are shown.
By demonstrations and hands-on sessions the handling of FM3/FM4 microcontrollers together with the tools is explained. Hereby also the debugger features, which were introduced before, will be applied actively.


Seminar Agenda:

  • Introduction
  • Overview FM3/FM4 processor family
    • - Memory
    • - Peripheral resources
    • - Packages
  • Processor architecture
    • - Bus structure
    • - Clock and power saving modes
    • - Hardware setup
    • - Flash memory
  • Peripheral resources
    • - Differences between FM3 and FM4
    • - Clock distribution
    • - Functional safety peripherals
    • - Interrupt controller
    • - Interfaces & communication peripherals
    • - FM3/FM4 timers
    • - FM3/FM4 features
  • Development tools
    • - Starter kits
    • - Software and CMSIS
    • - IAR workbench, J-Link adapter
    • - KEIL uVision, uLink adapter
  • Practical exercises
    • - Flash programming
    • - Project setup and modification
    • - Debugging
    • - External interrupts
    • - Advanced debugging


Supplemental Info

Services included with the seminar:

1-day seminar on FM3/FM4 – Cortex®-M3/-M4 based microcontroller family from Cypress -> contents of the seminar.

Each participant will receive the presentation material as a print-out.

Each new participating company will receive a starter kit.

Lunch and refreshments are provided during the seminar.

Each participant will receive a certificate.


Other information:

The seminar will be held in German language (English on inquiry). Presentation materials are in English language.

The maximum number of participants is limited to 10.

The practical exercises will be done in groups of two participants who will share one PC and a connected starter kit.

For overnight stay Cypress recommends the Steigenberger Hotel at Langen.
Please ask for the special rate that Cypress has negotiated with the hotel.


What prerequisites are required?

Basic knowledge of embedded microcontroller architectures, especially ARM® Cortex®-M3/-M4, and C programming