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Using CYSTART | Cypress Semiconductor


Last Updated:

September 10, 2011

1) Open CYSTART.exe

2) Make sure you don't see a notification of "Error Identification on Hardware." If you do make sure the serial cable is connected and that the proper Com port setting is selected from the setup menu of cystart.

3) Next Go to device and select the correct device. After selection has been made you will see all the information in the Device window.

4) Then go to file and select "load file to buffer". Find your HEX file.

5) Then select INTEL hex. Select whether you want unfilled space with 00 or FF or don't care.

6) At this point you can simply hit "Program" and it will program and verify and you're done.

There are other options such as "Blank check" and "security" that can be used if desired but are not required.