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Usage of PSoC 1 incremental ADCs | Cypress Semiconductor

Usage of PSoC 1 incremental ADCs

Last Updated:

March 29, 2012

PSoC 1 analog and digital blocks may be configured to implement various types of ADCs like SAR, Incremental and Delta Sigma. 


The most commonly used incremental ADCs are ADCINC and ADCINCVR.  ADCINC uses an SC Block as a modulator that converts the input analog signal into a bit stream.  This bit stream is integrated using the decimator to get the ADC result.  ADCINCVR uses a counter instead of the decimator as the bit-stream integrator.  More details about the working of the ADCs may be found in the respective User Module data sheet.  The attached documents and projects demonstrate how ADCINC and ADCINCVR may be configured and used in an application.


The first project is designed to amplify external voltage using an Instrumentation Amplifier (INSAMP user module) and read the output using ADCINCVR. The ADC result is then displayed on a character LCD.


In the second project the external voltage is first connected to a Programmable Gain Amplifier (PGA user module) configured as a unity gain buffer, the output of the PGA is measured using an ADCINC user module and the result is displayed on the LCD.  Both the projects have been developed and tested using PSoC Designer version 5.2.