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Usage of Delta-Sigma ADC and UART | Cypress Semiconductor

Usage of Delta-Sigma ADC and UART

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March 29, 2012

Delta-sigma ADC is implemented in PSoC1 using the DelSig user module. The DelSig UM contains a user selectable 1st or 2nd order analog modulator that converts the input voltage into a digital bit stream and a Decimator that decimates the bit stream by a fixed oversampling ratio to get the ADC result.  It can be configured for 6-bit resolution with 32X oversampling to 14-bit resolution with 256X oversampling.


Attached project and document demonstrates the usage of DelSigADC user module with second order modulator to convert analog input signal into digital data. This converted digital data is transmitted to through UART and can be viewed on a PC using a terminal program like HyperTerminal.