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WirelessUSB™ NX | Cypress Semiconductor

WirelessUSB™ NX

This product is Not Recommended For New Designs. Visit our Wireless Connectivity home page to check out our new wireless products.

Introducing WirelessUSB NX (WUSB-NX)

WUSB-NX is Cypress's fourth generation transceiver which works in the unlicensed 2.4-GHz Industrial, Medical and Scientific (ISM) band. It supports data rates of up to 2 Mbps and offers ultra-low power consumption. WUSB-NX implements Gaussian Frequency Shift Keying (GFSK) and can transmit up to 32-byte payloads.

WUSB-NX can work with controllers from Cypress's companion enCoRe™ and PSoC® families to offer a low-cost, complete system solution for wireless applications.

  1. Read the WUSB-NX Datasheet and watch the Introduction to WUSB-NX video
  2. Contact Cypress Sales or mail us at to get a WUSB-NX Demonstration Kit
  3. Read the WUSB-NX Hardware Design Guidelines application note to quickly start your first WUSB-NX design
  4. Get your Schematics reviewed by the Cypress Applications Engineering Team using the Online Tech Support Case System
The WirelessUSB NX Demonstration Kit enables customers to evaluate, prototype and develop wireless applications using the WirelessUSB NX transceiver and enCoRe V microcontroller.
  • Windows PC application to configure WirelessUSB NX
  • Out-of-Box demonstration to get started with WirelessUSB NX
  • Radio driver implemented in “C” language to simply development and enable easy porting to any microcontroller

Contact to get a WirelessUSB NX Demonstration Kit today!

Kit Contents:

  • Development boards (2)
  • enCoRe V modules (2)
  • Power Adaptors (2)
  • Jumper wires (10)
  • Flash drive with PC application, Example project, User Guide, Reference Schematics and much more
  • WirelessUSB NX modules (2)
  • USB A to Mini-B cables (2)
  • PSoC® MiniProg (1)
  • Quick Start Guide


Software Title Description Link
PSoC Designer This kit requires PSoC Designer for development Download
PSoC Programmer This kit requires PSoC Programmer for programming Download

Lenovo's ZTM600 Wireless Touch Mouse

"Cypress provided a complete solution for the Lenovo ZTM600 touch mouse, which is bundled with the Lenovo High-End All-in-One series of PCs . The WUSB-NX transceiver provided low-power wireless connectivity while the enCoRe VI controller integrated touch sensing and system control for the touch mouse thereby reducing BOM cost."L. M. Ding,

Project Manager at Lenovo


  • PC Peripherals like Wireless Keyboards, Mice, Presenters
  • Remote Controls for Set Top Boxes (STBs) and Smart TVs with Voice over Radio Frequency (VoRF)
  • Radio Controlled (R/C) Models i.e. Toys and Hobby Vehicles
  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Ultra Low Power Consumption:Extends battery life on battery powered devices
    • Sleep current - 900 nA
    • Standby current - 26 µA
    • Active current - 12 mA (TX), 15 mA (RX)
    • 2 Mbps data rate reduces time spent in active state
  • Programmable Data Rates: 2 Mbps, 250 Kbps
  • Robust Link: Up to +97 dB link budget for ~30 m Range (Line-of-Sight)
  • Package: Available in small footprint (4 mm X 4 mm) 24 QFN package