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USB to UART Controller (Gen 1) | Cypress Semiconductor

USB to UART Controller (Gen 1)

Please visit the Cypress USB to UART Gen 2 (CY7C65213) product page to learn more about our latest part with USB-UART bridge functionality.

The USB to UART Bridge Controller (CY7C64225) is a fully integrated USB to UART controller that provides USB connectivity to devices with a UART interface. The device includes a USB 2.0 Full-Speed Controller, Voltage Regulator and internal EEPROM in a 28-pin SSOP package. These features make the product ideal for upgrading legacy peripherals to USB interface.

USB to UART Bridge Controller is a USB-IF certified, fixed function device that requires no programming from the user. Royalty free Virtual COM Port (VCP) drivers available with it ensure that it appears as a COM port to PC applications.

USB to UART Bridge Block Diagram (CY7C64225)

Key Features

  • Single Chip Fully Integrated Solution: Integrated Clock, EEPROM, USB Termination Resistors and Voltage Regulator
  • UART Controller: Data rates up to 256 Kbps Tx/Rx data buffers LED driver indicating data activity
  • Active Power Management: Bus and Self-powered mode Typical supply current: 14mA
  • Driver Support: WHQL certified Virtual COM Port Drivers
  • USB Compliant: USB-IF Certified with Test-ID (TID) : 40001425


  • USB to UART Cable
  • POS Printer Terminal
  • Networking System
  • Industrial and Power Meter
  • USB Bar Code Reader
  • USB Digital Camera Interface
  • USB Wireless/Wired Modem
  1. Download the USB to UART Controller Product Overview
  2. Download the USB to UART Controller Datasheet
  3. Purchase the USB to UART Controller Development Kit
  4. Download and install the USB-UART Configuration Utility
  5. Go through the USB to UART Knowledge Base Articles
  6. Start your design and get your Schematics reviewed by the Cypress Applications Engineering Team using the Online Tech Support Case System