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TrueTouch® Touchscreen Controllers | Cypress Semiconductor

TrueTouch® Touchscreen Controllers

New standard for performance with TrueTouch®

Today´s touchscreen devices face tough environments. With form factors becoming smaller, displays becoming noisier, and devices being used in harsher conditions, providing high touch performance demands a tougher touchscreen controller. TrueTouch touchscreen controllers leverage the industry's broadest capacitive touch IP portfolio to deliver a new standard for performance to automotive, home appliance and industrial touchscreens.

Expanding Possibilities with Gen 6 TrueTouch® controllers

With the industry's highest signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), best waterproofing capability, and largest portfolio of proprietary noise immunity solutions, TrueTouch-powered devices enable a new era of touch interaction and creativity. The Gen 6 family delivers unmatched noise immunity performance and advanced feature support for various touch input modes, making it the first choice touchscreen solution for your Automotive, Home Appliance and Industrial designs. ​

Best-in-Class Performance from the Leader in Touch

The TrueTouch® family offers solutions for single touch, two-finger touch, and full multi-touch capability for screen sizes from 1.5 to 12.6-inches diagonal. TrueTouch controllers deliver a best-in-class user experience:

  • World´s Best Noise Immunity
  • Unmatched Waterproofing Capability
  • Fast Refresh & Scan Rates
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Excellent Accuracy & Multi-Finger Linearity

Unrivaled Touch Leadership

Cypress provides the world's broadest portfolio of touchscreen solutions. We hold over 100 touch-related patents, with many more pending. Our patents cover categories from panel construction and self- and mutual-capacitance sensing to scanning methods, noise immunity, and finger tracking, spanning every major area of touch sensing innovation. Our continued leadership in the touchscreen space means that we respond to new challenges and market trends with truly innovative solutions.

Get Started Now

Start designing with TrueTouch today! We offer evaluation and development kits to support our entire platform of touchscreen controllers. Our kits include the necessary design files, documentation, and software to get you up and running quickly.

Cypress makes it easy to design with TrueTouch, providing design, configuration, and tuning support with the TrueTouch Host Emulator tool, and built-in, production-level manufacturing test support with the Manufacturing Test Kit. Contact us at to learn more or to request kits.

Start designing with TrueTouch today! We offer evaluation and development kits to support our entire platform of touchscreen controllers. Our kits include the necessary design files, documentation, and software to get you up and running quickly. 

Cypress makes it easy to design with TrueTouch, providing design, configuration, and tuning support with the TrueTouch Host Emulator tool, and built-in, production-level manufacturing test support with the Manufacturing Test Kit. Contact us at to learn more or to request kits. 

TrueTouch for the Way You Live

TrueTouch controllers can be found in many devices that help simplify your life. The high performance and reliable user experience that our customers have come to expect from TrueTouch-powered touchscreens can be found in an increasingly large number of applications.

  • White Goods

    • Control device settings with ease
    • Monitor and change machine cycles with a fingertip
    • Best-in-class water rejection
    • Supports a wide range of screen sizes
    • Linkable/expandable gesture libraries
    • Passive stylus support
    • AC-mains noise rejection
    • Eliminates need for mechanical buttons
    • Sleek user and mechanical interfaces
    • Allows country-specific product optimizations via revised menus

  • Automotive

    • Advanced UI options such as glove and passive stylus
    • Best-in-class water rejection
    • Supports a wide range of screen sizes
    • Linkable/expandable gesture libraries
    • Supports touchscreens, trackpads, and CapSense buttons
    • Mutlitouch gesture support
    • Passive stylus support
    • Eliminates need for mechanical buttons
    • Sleek user and mechanical interfaces

TrueTouch delivers unrivaled market-leading features. We give you unbeatable protection from noise in a touchscreen system with our proprietary technology. Cypress helps streamline your designs with single-layer sensors that eliminate side bezels and halve the height of your stackup, while slashing your costs. In addition, we deliver truly advanced features like true waterproofing, hover and glove functionality, and 1 mm stylus support, thanks to our unique ability to deliver self and mutual capacitance sensing on a single chip.


  • Touch detection through gloves up to 5 mm thick
  • Full multitouch functionality with thin gloves (<1 mm), two-finger plus gesture support with thick gloves (>2 mm)
  • No more frozen fingers

Passive Stylus Support

  • Supports passive stylus
  • Can sense a point as small as 1 mm
  • Improved handwriting capture and portability; easier to complete delicate tasks or navigation
  • Built-in palm rejection


  • Senses and tracks a finger hovering above the surface of the touchscreen
  • Works with gloves and long fingernails
  • Can differentiate between hover and direct input
  • Opens a new world of UI possibilities for 3D displays, gaming applications, and more


  • Accurately tracks wet or sweaty fingers
  • Rejects false touches caused by water on the screen
  • Touchscreen doesn't stall or freeze in the presence of moisture
  • Devices in production today use TrueTouch to meet strict IP-67 waterproofing standards


  • A single-layer sensor manufacturing process with fewer steps and lower overall costs than that of multi-layer sensors
  • The industry's thinnest touchscreen sensor stackup, as thin as 0.6 mm with screen sizes up to 5.0 inches
  • Excellent user experience with 10-finger multi-touch, gesture recognition, and best-in-class accuracy and linearity performance with a single-layer sensor

Charger Armor™

  • Unmatched noise immunity—up to 40 Vpp
  • Improves SNR and reduces phantom touches
  • Works effectively with the noisiest third-party chargers for noticeably improved performance

Display Noise Cancellation

  • External display synchronization helps neutralize noise from the LCD
  • First built-in hardware solution - no air gaps or shields needed
  • Ideal solution for all stackup types, including display-integrated solutions

The bulk of the touchscreen market has shifted to projected capacitive touch because of its ability to support multitouch tracking and reporting, and complex gestures. A capacitive touchscreen measures changes in capacitance and processes those measurements to determine the location of one or more fingers on the surface of the touchscreen. The capacitive touchscreen consists of a sensor, a touchscreen controller, and a flexible printed circuit (FPC) that connects them all together.

Cypress holds over 100 touch-related patents that cover multiple categories of touchscreen innovation including panel construction, mutual-capacitance sensing, self-capacitance plus mutual-capacitance sensing, scanning methods, finger tracking/ID, noise immunity, and baselining. Our continued leadership in IP ensures that TrueTouch stays at the forefront of emerging touchscreen technology.

DualSense: Self-Capacitance and Mutual-Capacitance Sensing

Cypress pioneered the mixed use of self and mutual capacitance sensing. Our patented DualSense™ sensing capability (U.S. Patent Nos. 8,358,142; 8,319,505; 8,067,948) gives you the best of both technologies, enabling the development of truly advanced features for touchscreen devices like true waterproofing, passive stylus support, and hover.

Mutual Capacitance
  • Measures capacitance at intersections of horizontal and vertical sensor electrodes (X times Y)
  • Per-intersection measurement allows higher reporting accuracy and true multitouch capability


Self Capacitance
  • Measures capacitance through individual sensor lines (X plus Y)
  • Stronger signal for greater touch sensitivity without lowering noise threshold
  • Doesn´t support multifinger functionality

Combining self plus mutual capacitance measurement with differential signal analysis in the same device delivers advanced features, like waterproofing, glove capability, passive stylus support, and hover that work in the real world for unbeatable performance.

Sensor Materials & Design

Touchscreen sensors are complex structures. They are built by sputtering indium tin oxide (ITO) onto a glass or PET (plastic film) substrate, and etching a standard or proprietary pattern into the ITO. The patterns and stackup of layers in the sensor vary based on design need, and are often customized to that system design.

On-stack is a traditional sensor construction where the sensor is implemented separate from the display. To improve optical and mechanical characteristics, this separate sensor is often laminated to the display with an optically clear adhesive (OCA). To reduce cost and overall display/sensor thickness, newer products trend towards SLIM, Sensor-On-Lens, on-cell, or in-cell designs. TrueTouch provides the ultimate design flexibility and system cost reduction with our ability to support all of these sensor materials and stackups. Our controllers can be mounted on either the FPC or the PCB, and have configurable pinouts to suit a variety of needs.

Evolving to Meet Your Needs as Quickly as They Change

Tap. Swipe. Zoom. Rotate. Type. Different devices can use all, some, or only one of these gestures. But whether you need full multi-finger input or a simple single touch, TrueTouch has the solution. Our platform of single-chip solutions supports a wide range of displays, screen sizes, and applications. We can deliver advanced features for a unique user experience, including glove support, passive stylus capability, face detection, and hover functionality. TrueTouch also supports multiple stackup options for the most flexible and cost-reduced designs, including sensor-on-lens, display integrated, and direct lamination.

We provide more than just a touchscreen controller. With TrueTouch, you get the silicon, software, tools, design, and system-level expertise you need in one convenient package. We provide assisted tuning in our GUI for easy design implementation, as well as development and evaluation kits to assist in your design process (click here to request development and evaluation kits).

Solutions Details Matrix

Trying to figure out which part is right for you? See the matrix below or contact us to find your solution.

Solution Max Sensor Inputs Max Screen Size (in.) Fingers Supported Charger Armor™ H2O Proof Glove Face Detection Stylus Hover Single Layer Sensor
CYTMA545 36 5.0 10 Y Y Y N Y Y SLIM
CYTMA525A 24 3.0 4 Y Y Y N N N SLIM
CY8CTMG240 32 4.3 2 N N N N N N N

Automotive TrueTouch: Performance in Harsh Environmental Conditions

The worldwide leader in capacitive touch technology brings the power of Cypress's TrueTouch® portfolio to the automotive market. Cypress´s best-in-class automotive touchscreen solutions enable both current and next-generation cars with feature-rich applications for multi-touch touchscreens and trackpads. Cypress offers a comprehensive portfolio of single-chip touchscreen controllers for the automotive segment. These solutions provide exceptional performance even in harsh environments.

Solution Details Matrix

Solution Sense Pins AutoArmor Glove Touch Waterproofing Gestures Package Temperature Range
CY8CTMA120 32 N N N N 56-QFN A
CY8CTMG120 43 N N N Y 56-QFN A
CY8CTMA616 50 N N N Y 100-TQFP A,E
CY8CTMA884 60 N N N Y 100-TQFP A,E
CY8CTMA460 43 Y Y Y Y 56-QFN A,S
CY8CTMA460 48 Y Y Y Y 100-TQFP A,S
CY8CTMA461 43 Y Y Y N 56-QFN A,S
CY8CTMA461 48 Y Y Y N 100-TQFP A,S
CY8CTMA768 56 Y Y Y Y 100-TQFP A,S
CY8CTMA1036 65 Y Y Y Y 100-TQFP A,S
CYAT81682 77,71,61 Y Y Y N 100-TQFP A,S
CYAT81682 88 Y Y Y N 128-TQFP A,S
CYAT81685 77,71,61 Y Y Y Y 100-TQFP A,S
CYAT81685 88 Y Y Y Y 128-TQFP A,S
CYAT81688 77,71,61 Y Y Y Y 100-TQFP A,S
CYAT81688 88 Y Y Y Y 128-TQFP A,S

A-Grade: AEC-Q100, −40°C to +85°C
S-Grade: AEC-Q100, −40°C to +105°C
E-Grade: AEC-Q100, −40°C to +125°C

TrueTouch Tools: Simplifying the Design Process

Cypress provides the tools you need to complete a capacitive touchscreen design from concept through mass production. Evaluation kits (EVKs) and development kits (DVKs) allow you to quickly assess solution performance, while manufacturing test kits (MTKs) and programming and debugging tools help you bring designs to production. TrueTouch Host Emulator (TTHE) software enables you to configure and tune your design, and supports all register-configurable TrueTouch products (Gen4 and later products). TrueTouch Driver Android (TTDA) is a software driver available from Cypress that allows you to integrate your touchscreen design in your end product running an Android operating system. Cypress touch controllers can interface to the latest processors from Qualcomm, Intel, nVidia, Mediatek, and others through the available software drivers.

TrueTouch Kits

Cypress offers EVKs and DVKs so you can evaluate, prototype, and debug complete designs. Kits are available for each product family to support your design. In addition, we offer the Cypress MTK to help you test your sensor hardware both in the prototype and mass production phases; and the TT Bridge Development Kit to program and debug hardware and firmware designs. See the list below for links to our kits.


TrueTouch Host Emulator Software

Cypress's TrueTouch Host Emulator (TTHE) is a PC-based software application that allows you to design, configure, tune, and debug TrueTouch solutions. It reduces design cycle time by eliminating the need to manually compile source code, generate a firmware image, and program the device. TTHE supports all register-configurable TrueTouch products. It interfaces with the controller in one of two ways:

  1. TrueTouch Bridge: Hardware that connects a TrueTouch controller on a PCB or an FPC to a host PC running TTHE. This supports prototyping and early stages of development.
  2. Mobile Tuner: Software that connects a TrueTouch-powered end product to a host PC running TTHE, either by USB or wireless connection. This provides a non-intrusive method to configure, tune, and debug TrueTouch controllers in WiFi-capable production devices.

Prototype and develop solutions with the TrueTouch Bridge via USB

Configure, tune and debug TrueTouch end products with Mobile Tuner via USB or WiFi

For additional details or to download the TTHE software, send a request to

TrueTouch Drivers

Cypress's TrueTouch® drivers are easy-to-integrate, high-performance, extensible software drivers that interface between the TrueTouch controller and a touchscreen device's operating system to accurately report touch input. Cypress provides its TrueTouch Driver for Android (TTDA), which is also part of the Linux Kernel mainline.

TTDA allows Android and Linux operating systems to recognize input from advanced features like passive stylus and hover.

Example driver flow diagram with TTDA:


For additional details, features supported, or to download TrueTouch drivers, send a request to