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Traveo S6J312A/9 Classic Cluster Arm® Cortex®-R5 MCU | Cypress Semiconductor

Traveo S6J312A/9 Classic Cluster Arm® Cortex®-R5 MCU

The Cypress Traveo S6J3120 series features a single Arm® Cortex™-R5 operates at 128 MHz with 1MB embedded flash memory. The S6J3120 series incorporates the high-performance 5 Mbps CAN FD interface for latest in-vehicle network requirement.

In addition to the CAN FD interface, the S6J3120 series comes with segment LCDC and Stepper Motor Controller/Driver for up to four mechanical gauge indicators for an instrument clusters.

It also features Secure Hardware Extension (SHE) for in-vehicle network security and for a connected applications, as well as Partial Wakeup mode for advanced power saving operation.

While we are maintaining the longevity of the products for the automotive industry, these products listed under this page are not recommended for new design.

Traveo S6J312A/9/8 Block Diagram