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Synchronous SRAM with ECC | Cypress Semiconductor

Synchronous SRAM with ECC

Cypress’s Synchronous SRAMs with ECC are the only high density Standard Sync/NoBL™ SRAMs in the market to be offered with the reliability of on chip error detection and correction.


Sync SRAM with ECC Video Image

Synchronous SRAM with ECC Highlights

  • Available in Standard Sync and NOBL architectures
  • Error-Correcting Code (ECC) to detect and correct single-bit errors
  • Ensures a FIT rate of <0.01 FIT/Mb that is 1,000x lower than a standard SRAM without ECC
  • Available in two voltage options: 2.5/3.3 V
  • 165 BGA and 100 TQFP options available
  • Industry-standard, RoHS compliant packages
  • Industrial and commercial temperature grades
  • Minimize your memory power consumption
    • Active power ~20% lower than the next closest competition
    • Lowest standby current across all competition
  • Form, fit and function compatible with our 90-nm products
  • 36Mb parts in Production
  • 18Mb Sampling now

Cypress Synchronous SRAMs with on-chip ECC provides the highest performance, lowest power, error free memory solution:

  • Provides a FIT rate of <0.01 FIT/Mb that is 1,000x lower than a standard SRAM without ECC
  • Offers pin-to-pin compatibility with Cypress’s existing products to simplify design
  • Provides an RTR of 250 MT/s with an active power consumption of 1.05 W
Easy to implement form, fit and fuction compatible with our existing portfolio:
  • Form, fit and function compatible with existing 90-nm Synchronous SRAM
  • Available in industry standard 100 pin TQFP and 165 BGA packages
  • Available in industrial and commercial grades
  • 36Mb in Production and 18M Sampling now
  • Email us at for details on military and automotive grades
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  2. Download the Synchronous SRAM roadmap and Synchronous SRAM with ECC product Overview
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  4. Start your design using Cypress Synchronous SRAM with ECC
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Synchronous SRAM with ECC are suitable for error-free, high performance based systems. Target applications include Networking, Military and Avionics and Signal Processing and Computing systems.

Radar Systems

Synchronous SRAM is used in radar equipments for corner turn image processing algorithms in military environments. Real time processing of target objects needs low latency and high bandwidth memory. The need for error-free SRAM is essential due to the mission critical nature of such applications.

Example Radar Systems

Imaging and Video

Cypress SRAM operates at high speeds and provides the true random access needed for systems to process high-resolution images in real-time. These imaging systems are commonly used for industrial, security, and medical applications. For example, Cypress's Synchronous SRAM is used in leading Computed Tomography (CT), Positron Emission Tomography (PET), and Ultrasound medical imaging systems as buffers to enable real-time high definition image processing. Medical imaging solutions require high quality, and high speed components with long product lifecycles.Synchronous SRAM with ECC provides low latency and reduces soft error to 0.01 FIT/Mb for reliable fast fourier transforms.

Example Ultrasound Equipment