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Synchronous FIFOs | Cypress Semiconductor

Synchronous FIFOs

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Cypress's high-performance FIFO products provide the ideal solution to interconnect problems such as flow control, rate matching, and bus matching for various markets including:

  • Video
  • Data and Telecommunications
  • Network switching/routing

We are the most cost competitive FIFO solution in the market today trusted by over 1000 customers.

High-Density FIFOs

Cypress High-Density FIFO (HD FIFO) solutions target Video Broadcasting, Military and Medical Imaging segments.

The HD FIFO will cater to host of applications, including

> HDTV / SDTV Frame buffer for common HD formats (720p, 1080i, 1080p)

> Switcher or format converter box

> High end digital video camera

> Military Radars for large buffering.

72 Mb, 36M, 18M High Density FIFOs with Programmable features:

> User-configured multi-queue operating mode (up to eight queues)

> Mark and retransmit: Resets read pointer to user-marked position

> Empty, full and half-full status flags

> Programmable almost-empty and almost-full status flags with preselected offsets


Click to download the HD FIFO Product Overview Brochure: English
Click to download the HD FIFO Application Overview Brochure: English

Click to download the HD FIFO Datasheets:

Production Parts available NOW!

72Mbit Video Frame Buffer:





72 Mb

133 MHz, 150 MHz (on demand)

4.8 Gbps (at 133MHz)

1.8, 3.3 V


Click to download the Video Frame Buffer Datasheet: 72 Mb

Production Parts available NOW!

Coming soon – the world’s highest density FIFO memory '144 Mb'

For more information on HD FIFO please contact your nearest Cypress sales office.