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S6BT112A CXPI Transceiver | Cypress Semiconductor

S6BT112A CXPI Transceiver

The S6BT112A01 and S6BT112A02 are integrated transceiver IC for Automotive communication network with Clock eXtension Peripheral Interface (CXPI). It is flexible bit rate from 2.4 k bit per second to 20 k bit per second with JASO CXPI compliant. This CXPI transceiver IC connect between CXPI data link controller and CXPI Bus line, and enables to connect to vehicle battery directly, with high surge protection. Additionally a product has optional function for Spreads Spectrum Clock Generator (SSCG). In the standby operation, S6BT112A01 and S6BT112A02 success ultra-low power consumption as sleep mode. The Cypress CXPI transceiver IC supports master node and slave node as selected SELMS pin which supported a secondary clock master.

A low noise, a high robust, a wide range operation, a low power and a package solution

Cypress’s CXPI transceivers achieved best-in-class low noise by a generating pseudo sine wave, a smart key band (100kHz to 160kHz) noise reduction and SSCG (Spreads Spectrum Clock Generator, Option). It will support to reduce customer’s PCB design effort that is necessary to consider the effect of emission. Also, it will become the advantage especially when a wiring is bundled.

High robust:
Cypress's CXPI transceivers supported an ESD H.B.M 8kV and a BUS negative break down voltage -40V, they will support robustness firmly for automotive request.

Wide range operation:
Cypress’s CXPI transceiver operating voltage range is 5.3V to 18V and it has a wide operating range. It will be advantage when a battery voltage falls.

Cypress's CXPI transceiver realized a Sleep current 6uA (typical) @Slave and supports a wakeup control function. It will contribute to improvement in the energy efficiency of a vehicle.

Package Solution:
Cypress can provide package solution together CXPI transceiver, MCU's and driver software. Also we can provide a software implementation commissioned development services.

Key Features:

  • Compliant with the JASO CXPI (JASO D 015-3-15) standard
  • Compliant with the SAE CXPI ( J3076_201510) standard
  • Supported bitrate 2.4kbps to 20kbps
  • Wave shaping for low Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)
  • Smart key band (100kHz to 160kHz) noise reduction
  • SSCG (Spreads Spectrum Clock Generator, Option)
  • Operating Voltage Range 5.3V to 18V
  • Direct battery operation with protection against load dump, jump start and transients
  • BUS short to VBAT over current protection
  • Loss of ground protection. BUS pin leakage is lower than ±1mA
  • Easy selected master node or slave node
  • Over temperature protection
  • Low voltage detection
  • Supported Sleep and Wakeup
  • Sleep mode current :6uA(Typical @Slave)
  • ESD protection HBM (1.5kΩ 100pF) ±8kV (BUS pin, BAT pin)
  • Voltage tolerance ±40V (BUS pin)
  • Halogen free package 8pin SOIC
  • S6BT112A01: With spread spectrum clock generator
    S6BT112A02: Without spread spectrum clock generator
  • Supported AEC-Q100

Block Diagram