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The S6AE103A is a power management IC (PMIC) for energy harvesting that is built into circuits of series solar cell connection, dual output volatege control circuits, output capacitor storage circuits, power select circuits of primary batteries, a LDO, a comparator and timers. Super-low-power operation is possible using a consumption current of only 280 nA and startup power of only 1.2 μW. As a result, even slight amounts of power generation can be obtained from compact solar cells under low-brightness environments of approximately 100 lx.

This IC stores power generated by solar cells to an output capacitor using built-in switch control, and it turns on the power switching circuit while the capacitor voltage is within a preset maximum and minimum range for supplying energy to a load. The output power control circuit has 2 outputs, and 1 of 2 outputs can control On and OFF of the power gating circuit using interrupt signal. The output capacitor storage circuits have 2 capacitor connection circuit for a storage of system load and a storage of surplus power, and if the power generated from solar cells is enough, the power is stored to the capacitor of surplus power storage. If the power generated from solar cells is not enough, energy can also be supplied in the same way as solar cells from the capacitor of surplus power storage or connected primary batteries for auxiliary power.

This IC has also an independent LDO. The LDO can provide stable voltage that a sensor requires. And also an independent comparator which can make voltage comparison signal output a lot of flexibility is built in. Also, an overvoltage protection (OVP) function is built into the input pins of the solar cells, and the open voltage of solar cells is used by this IC to prevent an overvoltage state.

The S6AE103A is provided as a battery-free wireless sensor node solution that is operable by super-compact solar cells or non-disconnect energy harvesting based wireless sensor node solution with the capacitor of surplus storage or primary batteries for auxiliary power.

Key Features:

  • Power Converter Type: Linear
  • Quiescent Current: 280 nA
  • Startup Power: 1.2 µWmax
  • Input Voltage Range: 2.0 V-5.5 V
  • Output Voltage Range: 1.1 V-5.2 V
  • Energy Harvesting Device: Series solar cell
  • Multiplexer: 1 ch
  • No. Power Gating Switch: 2 ch
  • LDO / Quiescent Current: 1 ch / 400 nA
  • Hybrid Storage Control Circuit: 1 ch
  • CR Timer / Consumption current: 1 ch / 30 nA
  • Comparator / Consumption current: 1ch / 20 nA
  • Components in BOM: 17 pcs
  • Package: 24-pin QFN (4 x 4 mm)
  • Min. Solar Cell Size for Startup Operation: 1 cm2

Block Diagram

S6AE103A Block Diagram

1 Power source switch circuit for primary battery or series solar cell

2 Voltage reference circuit for internal block

3 Interrupt request control function for power gating switch control

CYALKIT-E04 S6AE102A and S6AE103A Evaluation Kit:

The CYALKIT-E04 S6AE102A and S6AE103A EVK is an easy-to-use energy harvesting evaluation kit used to develop applications that require no battery or battery life extension. This kit consists of an S6AE102A board, S6AE103A board, and a sensor board along with a solar module, wires, and a coin battery for testing different configurations.

Price: $59.00

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CYALKIT-E02 Solar-Powered BLE Sensor Beacon Reference Design Kit (RDK):

The CYALKIT-E02 Solar-Powered BLE Sensor Beacon Reference Design Kit (RDK) has been created to help you design tiny solar-powered IoT devices with BLE wireless connectivity. The RDK comes with a Solar BLE Sensor as well as a BLE-USB Bridge and Debug.

Price: $49.00

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CYALKIT-E03 Solar-Powered BLE Sensor 5 Pack:

The CYALKIT-E03 Solar-Powered BLE Sensor Beacon 5 Pack is expansion pack for CYALKIT-E02 Solar-Powered BLE Sensor Beacon RDK. The kit can be used to deploy a wireless sensor network by placing each beacon in remote locations. The sensor data from each beacon is transmitted to a BLE device and then sent to the cloud for analysis.

Price: $99.00

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S6AE10xA Series Evaluation Board (S6SAE100A00VA1001):

The S6SAE100A00VA1001 is the tiny evaluation board for the ultra-low-power energy harvesting PMIC S6AE10xA series for indoor type solar cell.

Price: $25.00

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