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RF Companion Microcontrollers

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Leveraging the long-time leadership in wired USB and 2.4 GHz wireless HID (Human Interface Device) solutions, Cypress offers a broad portfolio of low power, 8-bit microcontrollers that are ideal for wireless HID, presenter tools, remote controls, toys, and other wireless applications.  These devices feature the industry's smallest 8-bit RISC core with flash memory and a variety of configurable internal peripheral functions.  The RF companion microcontroller offering consists of the following 3 families: enCoRe II LV, enCoRe III LV, and enCoRe V LV.

RF Companion Microcontrollers Families

enCoRe II Low Voltage
enCoRe II LV (CY7C601, CY7C602) is a low power and low cost 8-bit RF companion microcontroller.  It features 256 Byte RAM, 8 kB flash memory, and supports up to 36 GPIOs. 

enCoRe III Low Voltage
enCoRe III LV (CY7C603) is 8-bit RF companion microcontroller.  It features 512 Byte RAM, 8 kB flash memory, supports up to 28 GPIOs. enCoRe III LV has highly customizable digital and analog peripheral configurations. 

enCoRe V Low Voltage
enCoRe V LV (CY7C604) is an ultra low power and low cost 8-bit RF companion microcontroller. It features up to 2058 Byte RAM, 32 kB flash memory, and supports for up to 36 GPIOs. enCoRe V LV operates from 1.71 V to 3.6 V, enabling true low power wireless microcontroller designs while the increased flash size provides additional code space for application features and multimedia functions that are ideal for new generation wireless HID products.


The enCoRe III LV (CY7C603XX) is a highly flexible, integrated programmable microcontroller device.  Using the flexible PSoC™ architecture, the device allows users to create customized digital and...
The enCoRe V LV (CY7C604XX) is a low cost, highly integrated programmable microcontroller device, which provides as a convenient replacement to the traditional low voltage microcontrollers.
enCoRe II LV (CY7C601XX,CY7C602xx) is a low-voltage, low-cost 8-bit flash controllable microcontroller, bringing enhanced component reduction and enCoRe II functionality to non-USB applications. By...