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Other USB Controllers

enCoRe™ II

Cypress's enCoRe II (CY7C63310, CY7C638xx) is a family of programmable Low Speed USB microcontrollers. enCoRe II eliminates the external crystal or resonator, pull up resistors, wakeup circuitry and 3.3V regulator to reduce the overall system cost. enCoRe II features a wide selection of I/O (up to 20 GPIOs) and memory (up to 8 kB of flash for user code and 256 Bytes of RAM) options targeted for USB applications.


enCoRe™ III

enCoRe III (CY7C64215) is a family of Full Speed USB controllers based on Cypress's flexible PSoC® architecture. These USB controllers have configurable analog and digital blocks, allowing you to customize the part based on your target application. In addition to this, enCoRe III also intergrates components such as RAM, clock generator and USB termination resistors reducing the overall system cost.


enCoRe™ V

The enCoRe V (CY7C6434x, CY7C6435x) is a full speed USB controller that supports a rich instruction set. It integrates SRAM for data storage, an interrupt controller, sleep and watchdog timers, and IMO and ILO, leading to a reduced overall system cost. Similar to Cypress’s enCoRe III family, enCoRe V also incorporates the powerful Harvard Architecture Processor (M8C) along with integrated and configurable analog, digital, and interconnect circuitry. This enables enCoRe V to be customized for different peripheral configurations specific to the target application. Continuing the tradition of enCoRe family devices, enCoRe V eliminates the need for an external crystal, various passives, and voltage regulator.


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