NEW 8FX CY95560H/570H/580H-Series | Cypress Semiconductor

NEW 8FX CY95560H/570H/580H-Series

Cypress's NEW 8FX CY95560H/570H/580H series of microcontrollers are 8-bit general purpose single-chip products providing precise on-chip oscillators, single-wire debug, clock supervisors, low voltage reset as well as various peripherals for applications such as air conditioners, remote controllers, digital/pocket photographic materials, and white goods. Very flexible composite timers offer functions such as pulse-width modulation (PWM), pulse-width counter (PWC), interval timer and input capture. Dual operation flash sectors together with a free of charge software API provide EEPROM functionality, thus saving external components and cost.

Block Diagram

CY95560H/570H/580H Block Diagram

NEW 8FX CY95560H/570H/580H-Series Datasheets
  • The NEW 8FX CY95560H/570H/580H datasheets are intended to provide quick reference on this specific NEW 8FX device series.
Portfolio Programming Specifications
  • This document explains the functions, operations and serial programming of the flash memory for NEW 8FX devices. This manual is intended for engineers engaged in the actual development of products using the NEW 8FX devices.
Technical Reference Manual
  • The NEW 8FX Technical Reference Manual provides detailed information on the device features and how they work. It is intended for advance user's who want to understand what's going on under the hood.

Application Notes


These support tools of MB parts will be stopped shipment and order in a few years.
These tools will be changed to CY parts in the future. But there may be no plan because of old tool.

Name Vendor Remarks
BGM adapter
(Part number: MB2146-07-E)
Cypress Includes USB cable which is 1.0m in length.


Software Vendor Remarks
FLASH Programmer​​ Cypress  
SOFTUNE IDE​​ Cypress CPU information file: Supported
Sample I/O register file: Supported