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ModusToolbox Machine Learning | Cypress Semiconductor

ModusToolbox Machine Learning

ModusToolbox™ Machine Learning (ML) enables you to rapidly evaluate and deploy Machine Learning models on Infineon MCUs. ModusToolbox ML is designed to work seamlessly with the ModusToolbox ecosystem and can be dropped into existing projects to enable machine learning tasks on low-power edge devices.

Easy Integration and Flexible Tools

ModusToolbox ML tools enables you to:

  • Import models from popular training frameworks such as TensorFlow™
  • Optimize the model for embedded platforms to reduce the size and complexity
  • Validate the performance of the optimized model by checking performance against test data
  • Generate optimized model code and libraries which are integrated with the ModusToolbox flow

ModusToolbox ML Software Tools

Optimized for Embedded Performance

ModusToolbox ML includes an embedded inference engine which supports optimized implementations of most popular Neural Network operators such as 1D/2D convolutions, a variety of activation functions as well as support for more complex operators such as GRU and LTSM.

Technical Support and Useful Resources