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MoBL Dual-Ports | Cypress Semiconductor

MoBL Dual-Ports

MoBL Dual-Port Inter-processor Solutions Diagram

Cypress offers a variety of high performance and low power Inter-Processor Communication (IPC) solutions. These interconnects allow IPC between multiple processors in various applications. Our MoBL® family of Dual-Ports is specially optimized for consumer and handheld devices.

MoBL Dual-Port™ and MoBL ADM Dual-Port™
Small, low power and flexible; perfect for mobile handsets
The newer and faster wireless standards (WCDMA, TD-SCDMA, LTE, WiMax, etc…) and the increasing use of multi-media (apps, music, video etc) require dual processor architecture in mobile handsets, especially smartphones.

Cypress’s MoBL Dual-Port family offers the industry’s lowest power, fastest throughput and optimal size to enable IPC between the baseband and applications processor.
ConsuMoBL™ Dual-Port
High-Performance, low Power, small Package, optimized Price; the 4Ps for consumer market
Today’s consumer electronics market is also challenged to provide new services such as DVR, triple play and on-demand video. This increase in features and functions has led to systems with different application-specific processing units that have to share data. The ConsuMoBL Dual-Ports provide a simplified IPC and allow architects to create a modular platform that provides quick design turnaround.
Cypress MoBL® Dual-Ports are industry's highest density, lowest power and fastest Inter-Processor Connectivity solutions, enabling cell phones to deliver next generation functionalities while...
MoBL ADM Dual-Ports provide the flexibility of an ADM interface on either ports or an ADM interface on one port and standard SRAM interface on the other. 
Cypress' family of asynchronous dual-port interconnects have the industry's lowest power consumption and smallest footprint. The new devices serve as an easy communication mechanism between two...