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MoBL™ ADM Dual-Port | Cypress Semiconductor

MoBL™ ADM Dual-Port

Along with the increasing functionalities phones are also becoming thinner and smaller. Processors need to minimize their footprint by reducing I/Os. Going from a 16 bit standard SRAM interface to an address-data multiplexed (ADM) interface saves 16 pins per port. The Inter Processor Communication (IPC) solution needs to keep up with this interface.

MoBL ADM Dual-Ports provide the flexibility of an ADM interface on either ports or an ADM interface on one port and standard SRAM interface on the other. Using the same low power, high throughput technology as the MoBL Dual-Port family the ultra small MoBL ADM Dual-Port has been shipping since 2006 in millions of mobile phones.
MoBL ADM Overview Image


MoBL ADM Overview Image