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CY8C20xx6H Cypress’s new Haptics offering CY8C20xx6H, enables tactile dynamic feedback providing immediate information to users during execution thus revolutionizing the touch Interface platform. This feature enables a unique bi-directional communication channel that provides tremendous benefits that include user interface paradigms that are either impossible or extremely difficult to produce without it. Tactile feedback can help to offload visual channels, thereby reducing stress to improve efficiency of applications and personal. The family is enabled with lowest power, 1.8V CapSense solution from Cypress, the world leader in Touch Sensing. This family is geared towards battery-powered applications such as Handheld Devices, Mobile phones, Bluetooth Headsets and towards applications sensitive to electrical noise such as Printers, LCD TVs and Monitors. The 20xx6H family is enabled with SmartSense automatic tuning technology that makes Capsense designs easier than ever to use.

Key Features:

  • 1.71V to 5.5V Core Voltage
  • Ultra-low 1µA Standy Current
  • Enabled with SmartSense self-tuning technology
  • Up to 23 CapSense I/Os or 5 sliders
  • Interface support : I2C, SPI
  • Robust noise-immunity to RF and AC Line Noise
  • Variety of flash sizes : 8K, 16K
  • Available in packages : 24 & 32QFN.
  • Patented CSD technology for robust immunity to conducted and radiated noise

Getting Started With 20xx6H

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Datasheets: CY8C20XX6H

1 Download the "Getting started with CapSense Design Guide".
2 Download "CY8C20XX6A/H CapSense® Design Guide" OR Download "CY8C21X34/B CapSense® Design Guide"
  • CapSensePLUS Family Design guides provide design guidance for a particular device family (CY8C20xx6A/6H/6AS, CY8C21x34/34B, CY8C24 x94). It is intended for design engineers who are familiar with capacitive sensing technology and have chosen a specific family of devices for their applications.
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