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FR60 family is supported only for the customers who have already adopted any of the products. These are not recommended for new designs.

FR60 Portfolio Chart Diagram

Right sized performance

The proprietary 32-bit RISC CPU core features an operating speed up to 100 MHz. This RISC core, which is based on a Harvard architecture with separated instruction and data bus, is optimized for fastest operation from embedded flash . An optimized instruction set assures low-code-size densities and high execution speeds.

The devices cover a wide range of automotive fields , the FR60 Lite devices being optimized for applications, which require smaller packages with low power. FR60 series devices include built-in I/O resources and bus control mechanisms for embedded controllers that require high-performance and high-speed CPU processing.

Highly Reliable Flash Memory

Memory densities range from 384KB to 2MB Flash. The highly reliable, high-speed Flash memory has an endurance of 100,000 write/erase cycles with up to 20 years of data retention.

Communications Interfaces

The devices include Controller Area Network (CAN), FlexRay, Local Interconnect Network (LIN) and also MediaLB™ and APIX™ interfaces. These interfaces, combined with the large, on-chip memory capacity, enable efficient data collection, processing and distribution.

This Customer Design Review Supplement is provided to prevent problems that may arise in the system development.

For FR50 Family, the customer design review supplement is under development.

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The Sample Programs ("Programs") are offered for use in developing systems for Cypress microcontrollers.

The Programs will be useful in the following situations:

  • I need a simple sample program, as I am going to develop software. The sequence of resource access, among others, can be confirmed using these Programs.
  • I would like to examine, before development, whether each resource will operate as expected. The Programs support several specifications, even for the operation of one resource.
  • If resources do not operate properly on my system, I would like software for which confirmation of operation has been completed. Cypress has confirmed the actual operation of the Programs on each of its microcontrollers, so you will be able to compare your program with the Program.

We introduce the sample programs of FR60 Family. Please use it for the confirmation of the operation specification and the use of our microcontroller etc.

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