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EZ-USB NX2LP-Flex™ | Cypress Semiconductor


Cypress’s EZ-USB® NX2LP-Flex™ (CY7C68033/34) is a fixed-function, low power programmable USB to SLC NAND controller. The flexibility of NX2LP-Flex makes it superior to other fixed function NAND controller. Its programmability allows for designers to include special features in the controller along with support multiple different NAND devices easily with one single controller.

EZ-USB NX2LP-Flex Block Diagram

Key Features

  • Integration: Single chip integrated USB 2.0 transceiver, smart SIE, enhanced 8051 microprocessor, and 15 kB on-chip code/data RAM.
  • Ultra Low Power: 43 mA typical current drawn in any mode
  • Flexibility: Proprietary 16-bit GPIF.
  • Packages: Available in different Pb free 56-pin QFN


  • NAND Flash-based GPS Devices
  • NAND Flash-based DVB Video Capture Devices
  • Wireless Pointer/presenter Tools with NAND Flash Storage
  • NAND Flash-based MPEG/TV Conversion Devices
  • Legacy Conversion Devices with NAND Flash Storage
  • NAND Flash-based Cameras
  • NAND Flash Mass Storage Device with Biometric Security
  • Home PNA Devices with NAND Flash Storage
  • Wireless LAN with NAND Flash Storage
  • NAND Flash-based MP3 Players
  • LAN Networking with NAND Flash Storage
  1. Download the Application Notes
  2. Download the Datasheets
  3. Refer to Design examples
  4. Buy the NX2LP Development Kit