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EZ-USB™ FX1 | Cypress Semiconductor


EZ-USB FX1 (CY7C64713) is a highly cost-effective Full Speed USB microcontroller. It integrates a USB transceiver and a serial interface engine (SIE) on a single chip, leading to lower cost and smaller footprint. FX1 also integrates I2C interface in master mode, facilitating a wider connectivity. The Cypress Smart SIE handles most of the USB protocol in hardware, freeing the embedded microcontroller for application specific functions and decreasing the development time to ensure USB compatibility. The General Programmable Interface (GPIF) and Master/Slave Endpoint FIFO (8 or 16-bit data bus) provide an easy and glueless interface to interfaces such as ATA, UTOPIA, EPP, PCMCIA, and most DSP/processors.
EZ-USB FX1 Block Diagram

Key Features

  • Integration: Single chip integrated with USB transceiver, 8051 microcontroller, Serial Interface Engine (SIE), and Programmable Peripheral Interface (PPI)
  • Flexible Interface: GPIF and 4 Master/Slave Endpoint FIFO (8 or 16 bit Data Bus) provide interface to ATA, UTOPIA, EPP, PCMCIA
  • Connectivity: I2C master mode at 100 KHz or 400 KHz
  • Low Bus Power: Less than 65 mA current consumption in any mode
  • Packages: Available in different Pb-free packages (56 SSOP, 56 QFN, 100 TQFP, 128 TQFP)


  • DSL Modems
  • ATA Interface
  • Memory Card Readers
  • Legacy Conversion Devices
  • Home PNA
  • Wireless LAN
  • MP3 Players
  • Networking