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EZ-USB AT2LP™ | Cypress Semiconductor


Cypress’s EZ-USB® AT2LP™ (CY7C68300C/301C/320C) implements a fixed-function bridge between one USB port and one or two ATA- or ATAPI-based mass storage device ports. The PATA interface on AT2LP enables the use of hard disk drives (HDD), compact flash, and solid state drives (SSD) in your design. The AT2LP is perfect for mass storage type applications and enable quick time to market without the hassle of custom firmware.

EZ-USB AT2LP Block Diagram

Key Features

  • Integration: Single chip integrated USB 2.0 transceiver, CY Smart USB Engine
  • Low Power: Low 3.3 V Operation
  • Flexibility: Supports HID Interface or custom GPIOs to enable features such as single button backup, power off, and LED-based notification.
  • Packages: Available in 56SSOP/QFN PB-free packages with Automotive AEC grade option.


  • Hard Drives
  • CD-ROM, CD-R/W
  • MP3 Players
  • Personal Media Players
  • Compact Flash
  • Microdrives
  • Tape Drives
  • Personal Video Recorders
  • Automotive Applications
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