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enCoRe III Low Voltage | Cypress Semiconductor

enCoRe III Low Voltage

This product is Not Recommended For New Designs. Visit our Wireless Connectivity home page to check out our new wireless products.

The enCoRe III LV (CY7C603XX) is a highly flexible, integrated programmable microcontroller device.  Using the flexible PSoC™ architecture, the device allows users to create customized digital and analog peripheral configurations.  enCoRE III LV helps to reduce the overall system cost by integrating a high-speed CPU, flexible on-chip memory, oscillators, and configurable IOs in a single device.
enCoRe III LV Microcontroller offers the PSoC Designer Integrated Development Environment (IDE), providing a popular, easy- to-use, and customizable design environment to meet specific application requirements.

enCoRe III Block Diagram

Key Features

  • Integration: Single chip integrated with internal oscillator, 8 kB flash and 512 Byte SRAM
  • Configurable Blocks:
    • 2 analog blocks customizable to ADC/comparators/voltage reference
    • 4 digital blocks configurable to PWM/SPI/ADC10
  • Connectivity: I2C slave/master and multi-master at up to 400 kHz
  • Low Power Consumption: 2.8 uA current consumption in sleep mode
  • Packages: Available in different Pb free pin/packages (28 SSOP, 32 QFN)


  • Wireless Mouse
  • Wireless Keyboard
  • Wireless Gamepads
  • Wireless Presenter Tools
  • Other Applications (requiring cost effective low voltage 8-bit microcontroller)