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enCoRe™ III | Cypress Semiconductor

enCoRe™ III

enCoRe III (CY7C64215) is a family of Full Speed USB controllers based on Cypress's flexible PSoC® architecture. These USB controllers have configurable analog and digital blocks, allowing you to customize the part based on your target application. In addition to this, enCoRe III also intergrates components such as RAM, clock generator and USB termination resistors reducing the overall system cost.

enCoRe III Block Diagram

Key Features

  • Integration: Single chip integrated with 48 MHz clock generator, 16 kB flash and 1.5 k Ohm pull up resistors to eliminate the need for external components
  • Configurable Blocks:
    • 6 analog blocks to provide up to two 6-to-14 bit ADCs
    • 4 digital blocks to provide UART/SPI/PWM interface
  • Connectivity: I2C slave/master and multi-master at up to 400 KHz
  • Low Power: 6.5 uA current consumption in sleep mode
  • Packages: Available in different Pb free pin/packages (28 SSOP, 56 QFN-MLF)


  • Game Controllers
  • USB Keyboard
  • Joysticks
  • Trackballs
  • Barcode Scanners
  • High End Mice
  • Security Dongles
  • Point of Sale Terminals
  • Remote Controls
  • USB to Serials
  1. Download the Application Notes
  2. Download the Datasheets
  3. Refer to Design examples
  4. Buy the enCore III Development Kit