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DDR-II+ SIO | Cypress Semiconductor


Cypress’s high-speed synchronous SRAMs include standard synchronous pipelined, No Bus Latency™ (NoBL™), Quad Data Rate™ (QDR™), and Double Data Rate (DDR) SRAMs, and are typically used in networking applications. Cypress Synchronous SRAMs are the ideal solution for networking applications such as Look-up tables, Link Lists, Que Management, Policing and Packet buffers. The Cypress synchronous SRAM portfolio is comprised of hundreds of memories in a variety of speeds, bus widths, densities and packages. Using industry standard pin outs, Cypress Synchronous SRAM products are easily integrated into new and existing designs. Single and Double Data Rate product options are ideal for various markets including:

  • Network switching/routing
  • Telecommunications
  • Data Communications
  • Video

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