CY8C20xx6A/S | Cypress Semiconductor


The PSoC® family consists of many Mixed Signal Array with On-Chip Controller devices. These devices are designed to replace multiple traditional MCU-based system components with one low cost single-chip programmable device. PSoC devices include configurable blocks of analog and digital logic, and programmable interconnects. This architecture enables the user to create customized peripheral configurations that match the requirements of each individual application. Additionally, a fast CPU, Flash program memory, SRAM data memory, and configurable IO are included in a range of convenient pinouts and packages.

Each CY8C20XX6A/S PSoC device includes a dedicated CapSense block that provides sensing and scanning control circuitry for capacitive sensing applications. Depending on the PSoC package, up to 36 GPIO are also included. The GPIO provides access to the MCU and analog mux.

CY8C20xx6A/S family is low power, at 1.8V and supports USB interface. This family is geared towards battery-powered applications such as Handheld Devices, Mobile, Bluetooth Headsets and towards wall-plugged applications sensitive to electrical noise such as Printers, LCD TVs and Monitors. The 20xx6A family is enabled with SmartSense automatic tuning technology that makes CapSense designs easier than ever to use.


Block Diagram

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