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CY8C20xx6AS | Cypress Semiconductor


CY8C20xx6AS family is the newest, lowest power, 1.8V CapSense solution with enhanced noise immunity features from Cypress, the world leader in Touch Sensing.This family of CapSense products can support upto 33 buttons and 6 sliders. This is PSoC® programmable system-on-chip technology with the new and improved SmartSense_EMC feature that greatly improves design cycle time with the SmartSense auto-tuning feature coupled with industry’s best, enhanced EMC (Electro-Magnetic Compatibility) performance.

This product delivers outstanding noise immunity performance in environments highly susceptible to noise such as the industrial, medical and consumer application segments. All these features are made possible by the extremely robust SmartSense _EMC sensing algorithm. Every electronic device must comply with industry specified limits of radiated and conducted external noise .These limits are specified by regulatory bodies such as FCC, CE, U/L etc. For a product to pass the conducted and radiated noise tests a very good PCB layout design, power supply design and system design is mandatory.

An ideal PCB layout, power supply design or system design is often not possible because of cost and form factor or other limitations of the product. SmartSense_EMC with superior noise immunity is the best solution for applications that need to qualify the stringent conducted and radiated noise tests when implementation of PCB/layout design best practice are limited by the product specific limitations. The revolutionary SmartSense™ auto-tuning algorithm ends the need to re-tune the design as you ramp volume production, saving engineering time yield loss and speeding time to volume, for all applications including end products that require robust performance with enhanced noise immunity. SmartSense™ allows maximum production flexibility by compensating for variations caused by using multiple manufacturing sites and vendors.

The value addition of SmartSense_EMC in a design , include :

  • Robust noise immunity with improved EMC performance. The SmartSense_EMC algorithm is most reliable in preventing false trigger of a button as compared to the traditional sensing methods.
  • Superior EMC performance to conducted and radiated noise tests when implementations of PCB/layout design best practices are limited by the product specific limitations.
  • Automatic tuning despite PCB/Device Process variations or use of multiple PCB vendors.
  • Seamless production tuning with different overlay dielectric / thickness.
  • Design Portability with automatic tuning and adaptive threshold settings.”Develop once - use on multiple models”.
  • Faster Design Cycle based on the above features
  • Performance enhancement with SNR optimization (Signal to Noise Ratio for wide range of parasitic capacitance).

Key Features:

  • 1.71V to 5.5V Operating Voltage
  • Ultra-low 1µA Stand-by Current
  • Enabled with SmartSense self-tuning technology
  • Enabled with Improved noise immunity algorithms
  • Up to 33 CapSense I/Os and 6 sliders
  • Wide range of interface support : I2C & SPI
  • Robust noise-immunity to RF and AC Line Noise Wide variety of flash sizes : 8K, 16K, 32K
  • Wide range of packages : 16QFN (3x3mm) to 48QFN (7x7mm)
  • Built around patented CSD technology, Patented SmartSense and Patented Noise immunity algorithms for robust immunity to conducted and radiated noise.
  1. Download the Getting started with CapSense" Design Guide
  2. Install PSoc Designer to begin development
  3. Purchase one of the CapSense development kits to evaluate your design