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CIRRENT™ Cloud ID - Chip-To-Cloud Security | Cypress Semiconductor

CIRRENT™ Cloud ID - Chip-To-Cloud Security

Extending the chain of trust from chip-to-cloud

CIRRENT™ Cloud ID is a unique  approach to device-to-cloud authentication, making it easier, more cost effective, and more secure by automating cloud provisioning of device certificates.  In the past, device authentication has been an expensive, custom IT process on the manufacturing line. With Cloud ID, it can now be a simple, robust, flexible, and secure cloud-to-cloud provisioning process.

Problem with traditional device authentication methods

Modern cloud-connected IoT devices require a unique identity, but inserting the identity into the device at the time of manufacture is a challenge.  The simple approaches – like a device id and secret, or a generic certificate – have substantial security vulnerabilities and are fragile: one lost spreadsheet can cause substantial problems for companies and their customers. The more sophisticated processes – a hardware security module (HSM) and public-key infrastructure (PKI) -- require security experts and expensive setup at each manufacturing facility.  None of these solutions provide the desired combination of robustness, flexibility, security and simplicity.

How Cloud ID solves these challenges

CIRRENT™ Cloud ID addresses these problems directly by extending the chain of trust from the chip to the cloud.  The public-key certificates for Cloud-ID compatible products are available in the CIRRENT™ console, and companies can bind a batch of products (typically a reel or a tray) into the free CIRRENT™ account, then download the certificates from the Cloud. In addition, users can set up the CIRRENT™ console to automatically provision the batch of products to their own cloud system, automating the entire process.

Cloud ID Diagram

The Benefits

CIRRENT™ Cloud ID provides these benefits:

  • Simplifies IT systems and processes
  • Eliminates the need to handle each individual device’s certificates on the manufacturing line and the need to install HSMs on the manufacturing floor
  • Delivers greater security (compared to a software only certificate) without requiring expensive an on-site HSM and network infrastructure through Infineon web console
  • Provides auditable manufacturing and security by enabling you to track online device registration and provisioning
  • Allows you to detect manufacturer overbuild and provisioning mistakes and correct them from the web console

Get Virtual Developer Kit

If you want to see how CIRRENT™ Cloud ID works, try the CIRRENT™ Cloud ID Virtual Dev Kit to see how the service works with virtual devices. See how you can:

  • Claim a virtual batch of products, using the QR-code claiming process or binding through the CIRRENT™ console
  • Download certificates for a virtual batch of devices
  • Configure your product cloud connection for automatic or manual certificate provisioning
  • Validate the cloud-to-cloud connection by provisioning a virtual batch of devices
  • Explore CIRRENT product analytics and other services
  • Add colleagues to your free CIRRENT company account