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CapSense® Express | Cypress Semiconductor

CapSense® Express

These entry level series of CapSense Controllers enable the user to integrate up to 16 GPIOs for a sleek and trendy Capacitive sensing solution. The addition of the ultra-low power CY8CMBR3xxx series into this family, coupled with the SmartSense Auto-tuning algorithm, revolutionizes the simplicity and ease with which up to 16 GPIOs can be integrated into CapSense solutions without the mundane and tiresome process of manual tuning. This enables quick turn time-to-market, while also maintaining flexibility for customer projects.

Salient features include:
  • Up to 16 CapSense buttons can be integrated with the revolutionary SmartSense Auto-tuning algorithm.
  • Small footprint package: 16-pad QFN (3x3x0.6mm).
  • The SmartSense Auto-Tuning algorithm in CY8CMBR3xxx series eliminates the tuning process and compensates for environmental changes during runtime.
  • 22μA per button in run mode.  
CapSense Plus Controllers Graphic