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64Mb – 512Mb 1.8V Burst Mode, Simultaneous Read/Write (NS-VS-XS) Flash Memory | Cypress Semiconductor

64Mb – 512Mb 1.8V Burst Mode, Simultaneous Read/Write (NS-VS-XS) Flash Memory

Spansion NS-VS-XS NOR Flash Memory

Simultaneous Read/Write, Burst Mode

The Cypress NS, VS and XS Nor Flash memory families are burst mode (up to 108 MHz) Flash devices that are capable of performing simultaneous read and write operations with zero latency on eight or sixteen separate banks.

Multiplexed Parallel Address/Data

Address/Data pin count is reduced by using multiplexed data and address pins. The Cypress VS family operates in ADM mode, while the Cypress NS and XS family operates in AADM mode.

The Cypress NS, VS and XS NOR Flash memory families are available in densities from 64 Mb to 512 Mb. These products use a single VCC of 1.7 V to 1.95 V that makes them ideal for the demanding wireless applications that require higher density, better performance, and lower power consumption. 

Title File Size Issue Date
 Category: General
S29VS064R/S29XS064R (64 Mb) PCB Routing Recommendation 837.1 KB 10/22/2015
 Category: Manufacturing/Assembly
Dose Minimization During X-ray Inspection of Surface-Mounted Flash ICs 256.96 KB 10/20/2015
Impact of X-Ray Inspection on Cypress Flash Memory 524.81 KB 10/20/2015
 Category: Migration
Migrate_S29NS-R_to_S29VS-R_AN 333.1 KB 11/03/2015
Migration from Cypress® S29NS-P to S29VS-R 380.59 KB 11/03/2015
S29NS-N to S29NS-P Migration: From the NS-N (110 nm) to the NS-P (90 nm) 539.35 KB 10/20/2015
 Category: Performance/Quality
Simultaneous Read/Write versus Erase Suspend/Resume 297.57 KB 10/27/2015
Vendor OS Software NS-P VS-R XS-R Date Size
Cypress - eCos Patch 04/13/2016 11.33 KB
Cypress - Flash Explorer for FSK Programming Tool 11/19/2013 34.89 MB
Cypress Linux Linux Kernel Patch for chips with reduced command set   05/27/2015 58.07 KB
Cypress - Brochure for Cypress Flash File System for NOR, SPI and NAND Flash   06/21/2012 223.66 KB
Cypress WinCE FMD for WinCE CE6     07/19/2012 6.41 MB
Cypress WinCE FMD for WinCE CE5     07/19/2012 6.37 MB
Cypress - Low Level Driver for NOR Flash   11/20/2015 3.99 MB
Cypress WinCE PDD for WinCE CE6 R2 and later 04/13/2016 6.42 MB
S29NS512P S29NS512P_IBIS_64-ball-FBGA S29NS512P_VERILOG