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64Mb 1.8V HyperRAM (KS) Memory with HyperBus Interface | Cypress Semiconductor

64Mb 1.8V HyperRAM (KS) Memory with HyperBus Interface

  • HyperRam

HyperFlash™ Companion RAM

Cypress HyperRAM™ memory is the first companion device to HyperFlash™ memory and the second device to operate on the 12-pin HyperBus™ Interface. With a read throughput up to 333 megabytes-per-second, the HyperRAM devices are ideal for SoCs with limited RAM providing a scalable solution for extending fast read and write operations externally, allowing fast delivery of high-resolution graphics in the early part of the boot process for automotive, industrial and IoT applications.

  • The Cypress KS HyperRAM Memory family uses a 1.8V power-supply and comes in 64Mb with more densities to follow.
  • HyperRAM memories are available in a space-saving 8x6mm ball grid array (BGA) package.

When paired with HyperFlash memory, both products reside on the same HyperBus interface resulting in a significant reduction in the number of signals that need to be routed on the printed circuit board (PCB) compared to generic DRAM. This leads to a simple, cost-effective solution for system level designers.

Part Number Product Status Density Read Rate Packaging Datasheet
S27KS0641 For New Designs 64 Mbit 333 MB/s 24-Ball BGA (6x8mm) Datasheet


Title File Size Issue Date
 Category: General
Hyperbus Specification 1.43MB 8/5/2015
S27KS0641 S27KS0641_IBIS S27KS0641_VERILOG