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Product Change Notices | Cypress Semiconductor


Title Summary
PCN125126 Qualification of improved top metal layer and passivation thickness on PSoC5 Product Family
PCN125139 Qualification of Polyimide Process for 90nm 1M, 2M, 4M and 8M density SRAM products.
PCN115068 Qualification of C194 Leadframe for PLCC packages assembled at Amkor Philippines
PCN115118 Qualification of Kostat Shipping Tray for Products in 16-QFN 3x3 Package
PCN162401A Addendum to PCN162401: 4Mb / 2Mb FAST and 4Mb Micropower (MoBL®) Automotive Asynchronous SRAM Products: Technology Transition to 65-nanometer Technology
PCN165104 Qualification of ZKT as an Alternate Assembly Site for Select Stacked Die 16-Lead SOIC Packages with Spacers and Copper Wire Bond
PCN172401 Qualification of 70x76µm Scribe Width, ASE-KH Assembly and Advantek Carrier Tape for PSoC® 4000 WLCSP Products
PCN165103 Qualification of Cypress Bangkok as an additional Assembly Site for select 36, 48, 121 and 165 Ball Grid Array (BGA) Products.
PCN172302 Introduction of Die Overcoat for Automotive FL-S NOR Flash Memory Products
PCN165001 Qualification of BOM Change for Select 32-lead TSOP Products at OSE-Taiwan