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Product Change Notices | Cypress Semiconductor


Title Summary
PCN094840 Product Obsolescence for Select 48 QFN (7X7X1.0mm) Punch Singulation Devices
PCN071529 Advance Notification - Planned Addition of Grace Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation (GSMC) as an Alternate Wafer Fab Site for C8 Technology; FX2LP18 CY7C68053* Device Family.
PTN135260 January 2014 Product Obsolescence Notification.
PTN155003 Jan 2016 Product Obsolescence Notification
PIN152801 Revision in Silicon Die for USB 3.0Hub Controllers (HX3 Family) Products
PCN154205 Qualification of Minor Mask Revision to Select PSoC 1 and USB enCoRe III Products
PIN154204 2015 Automotive Horizon Report: Q4 Update
PIN154203 2015 Horizon Report: Q4 Update
PIN154202 Top-mark Change for CYPD1120-40LQXI and CYPD1120-40LQXIT Part Numbers
PIN152902 2015 Automotive Horizon Report: Q3 Update