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Product Change Notices | Cypress Semiconductor


Title Summary
PCN211305 Qualification of Greatek Electronics an Alternate Assembly Site for Select 44-Lead TSOP II Package Memory Products
PCN211302 Qualification of Cypress Thailand as an Additional Assembly Site and PTI-TW as a New Bumping Site for Select 49-Ball Flip Chip BGA (FCBGA) Package
PCN211203 Qualification of Tera Probe Inc. as a Replacement Wafer Sort Site for 200mm Select Analog and Automotive MCU Products
PCN210502 Qualification of PTI-TW as an Additional Wafer Bump Site for Select UMC Plated Bump Flip Chip FBGA (FCFBGA) IOT Products
PCN211205 Assembly Site and Bill of Materials Information for Select Industrial-Grade 32Mb MoBL® SRAM Product
PCN211204 Qualification of Daewon Tray at ChipMOS Test and Finish Site for 44-Lead TSOP II Package Memory Products
PCN211201 Qualification of Cypress Philippines as an Alternate Assembly Site for Select 32-Lead TSOP I Package Memory Products
PCN211202 Qualification of Fab 25 as an Additional Wafer Fab Site and Marketing Part Number Change for Select Automotive MCU Products
PCN210503 Qualification of Copper Palladium Gold Wire (CuPdAu) and Shinetsu KMC3580LVA Mold Compound for FBGA Packages Memory Products
PTN204702B Addendum to PTN204702*A - 110nm MirrorBit™ GL-N Parallel NOR Flash Products Obsolescence Notification