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SunPower to Host Residential/Commercial Solar-Electric Workshop on November 6, 2004 | Cypress Semiconductor

SunPower to Host Residential/Commercial Solar-Electric Workshop on November 6, 2004

Last Updated: October 29, 2004

SunPower to Host Residential/Commercial Solar-Electric Workshop on November 6, 2004

Speakers From Horizon Energy Systems, REgrid Power and SunPower Corp. to Discuss System Design, Performance, and Return on Investment of Solar-Electric Systems
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SAN JOSE, Calif., October 29, 2004 -SunPower Corp., a subsidiary of Cypress Semiconductor Corp. (NYSE: CY), today announced that it will be hosting a free public workshop on solar electricity for commercial and residential sites on Saturday, November 6 at 1:00 p.m., featuring speakers from Horizon Energy Systems, REgrid Power and SunPower.  Co-sponsored by the Loma Prieta Chapter of the Sierra Club, this workshop will provide an overview of leading photovoltaic (PV) systems, highlight the financial benefits with case studies and discuss the environmental impact of solar-electric systems.

The solar workshop will be held in the Building 6 auditorium of the Cypress campus at 198 Champion Court in San Jose, Calif.  To register, please email or call (408) 370-9636. For directions to Cypress headquarters, please click here.

"The user base of solar electric systems is evolving and becoming more mainstream," said Peter Aschenbrenner of SunPower.  "In the early days, unsightly solar panels used to be sort of a ‘badge of honor' for early adopters.  Now people are more interested in aesthetics.  This workshop will show that today's leading solar-electric systems are not only more attractive, but much more efficient as well, making them a very compelling value proposition."

About the Speakers

Peter Aschenbrenner is the vice president of Sales and Marketing at SunPower Corp.  Prior to joining the company in 2003, Mr." Aschenbrenner was senior vice president of Global Operations at AstroPower, where he managed a commercial team that helped grow the company from market entry to a top-five Photovoltaic industry player over a nine-year period.  Mr. Aschenbrenner was instrumental in AstroPower's three public offerings and led the acquisition of Atersa, the company's European subsidiary.  With 25 years of solar industry experience, Mr. Aschenbrenner has also held management positions at Siemens Solar, PV Electric GmbH, and ARCO Solar.  Mr. Aschenbrenner graduated from Stanford University in 1978 with a bachelors degree in Product Design.

Andy J. Black is a sales engineer for REgrid Power, a solar electric design and installation firm. Mr. Black specializes in the financial payback of solar electric systems. Mr. Black received his bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering from Penn State University and a masters degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Southern California.  Mr. Black is a board member and treasurer for the NorCal Solar Energy Association and a board member of the American Solar Energy Society.

Kurt Newick works in sales and installation at Horizon Energy Systems. Mr. Newick is the founder and chairman of the Global Warming & Energy Committee for the Loma Prieta Chapter of the Sierra Club. Mr. Newick lives in a solar electric home with self-installed solar-radiant heat and solar hot water systems.

About SunPower

SunPower-a majority-owned subsidiary of Cypress Semiconductor Corp. (NYSE: CY)-designs and manufactures high-performance silicon solar cells based on an interdigitated all-back-contact design. The company's initial products were put to use in a variety of high-performance applications, including the NASA-sponsored AeroVironment airplane, "Helios," that flew to a record altitude of 96,863 feet on August 13, 2001.  SunPower manufactures its high -performance A-300 solar cells in a new facility outside of Manila, the Philippines.  The company currently operates a 25 MW production line there, and is planning to ramp production to more than 100 MW.  For more information on SunPower or solar technology, please visit the SunPower website at

About Cypress

Cypress Semiconductor Corp." (NYSE: CY) is Connecting from Last Mile to First Mile(TM) with high-performance solutions for personal, network access, enterprise, metro switch and core communications-system applications. Cypress Connects(TM) using wireless, wireline, digital, and optical transmission standards, including USB, Fibre Channel, SONET/SDH, Gigabit Ethernet and DWDM. Leveraging its process and system-level expertise, Cypress makes industry-leading physical layer devices, framers, and network search engines, along with a broad portfolio of high-bandwidth memories, timing technology solutions and reconfigurable mixed-signal arrays. More information about Cypress is accessible online at

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