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Cypress's Fully-Integrated PRoC™ LP Powers Darfon's Ultra-Small Micro Dongle For Wireless Mice | Cypress Semiconductor

Cypress's Fully-Integrated PRoC™ LP Powers Darfon's Ultra-Small Micro Dongle For Wireless Mice

Last Updated: April 30, 2008

Cypress's Fully-Integrated PRoC™ LP Powers Darfon's Ultra-Small Micro Dongle For Wireless Mice

Low-Power Programmable-Radio-on-Chip Delivers Robust RF Connection in a Single Package

SAN JOSE, Calif., April 30, 2008 - Cypress Semiconductor Corp. (NYSE: CY) today announced that Darfon Electronics Corp. (Darfon), a leading manufacturer of PC peripherals, has selected Cypress's PRoC™ LP programmable radio-on-chip for a new ultra-small micro dongle for wireless mice. The micro dongle, roughly the size of a U.S. dime, uses the fully-integrated CYRF69213 PRoC LP device to deliver flawless, low-power wireless connectivity to Darfon's mice.

Unlike most wireless USB dongle designs, Darfon's micro dongle targets the mobile notebook market by protruding less than 5mm from a computer, minimizing the risk of damage from accidental contact. PRoC LP provides the dongle with a dual-role single-chip solution, integrating Cypress's 2.4-GHz WirelessUSB™ LP radio and enCoRe™ II microcontroller in the same package. Cypress's ultra-low power wireless technology prolongs battery life for Darfon's mice. The industry-leading interference immunity of Cypress's AgileHID™ protocol allows the mice to operate uninterrupted in the home environment, where the 2.4-GHz spectrum is crowded with signals from Wi-Fi, microwaves, cordless phones and other devices.

"On top of the integration that enables the ultra-small size of our dongle, Cypress's PRoC LP delivers the reliable wireless communication and low power consumption our OEM customers demand," said Peter Cheng, vice president of the Human Input Devices Division at Darfon. "PRoC LP also simplified our design process and improved our time to market."

"Darfon's micro dongle mouse demonstrates the potential of seamless component integration in wireless Human Interface Devices, as its small form factor opens up the possibility of a virtually 'inside-the-box' wireless peripheral connection for notebooks or desktops," said Carl Brasek, director of the Wireless/HID Business Unit at Cypress. "PRoC LP enabled Darfon to design a very compact device without having to sacrifice style, practicality, battery life or reliability."

A high-resolution photo of Darfon's micro dongle is available at"

About PRoC LP
The PRoC LP family integrates radio and microcontroller functions in the same package to provide a dual-role single-chip solution. Communication between the microcontroller and the radio is via the SPI interface between both functions. The PRoC LP family also includes devices targeted for gaming, remote controls, consumer electronics, white goods, home automation, personal health and industrial applications. The PRoC LP radio supports four different data transmission modes: GFSK, 8DR, DDR and SDR. Both 64-chip and 32-chip data PN codes are supported. The microcontroller function is based on an 8-bit Flash programmable microcontroller with integrated low speed USB interface. The microcontroller has up to 14 GPIO pins to support USB, PS/2 and other applications. The microcontroller also features an internal oscillator, up to 8Kbyte Flash for user's firmware code, up to 256 bytes of RAM, Watchdog timer, a vectored interrupt controller, a 12-bit programmable interval timer with configurable 1-ms interrupt and a 16-bit free running timer with capture registers.

About Cypress Wireless HID Solutions
Cypress's Wireless HID Solutions include 2.4-GHz wireless transceivers, peripheral MCUs and laser navigation sensors. The world's only complete HID portfolio offers one-stop-shopping and an unparalleled feature set to enable high precision tracking, superior interference immunity, low bill-of-materials (BOM) costs, higher data rate applications, and faster time-to-market for wireless mice, keyboards, gaming devices, presenter tools, and remotes, as well as other simple, multi-point-to-point wireless applications. The industry-leading AgileHID protocol uses Cypress's patented frequency-agile DSSS technology to offer best-in-class interference immunity for a 2.4-GHz wireless system. Cypress's Wireless HID Solutions also incorporate the user-friendly KISSBind™ feature, which enables a user to pair a wireless peripheral to the desired host without using binding buttons, thus lowering customer support calls.

About Darfon
Darfon Electronics Corp. is a world leading manufacture of telecommunication components and precision devices. Darfon's Human Interface Device (HID) business mainly involves in R&D and manufacturing of desktop and notebook keyboards, wire & wireless optical & laser mice, and keypad for smart phones. The high quality product Darfon provides to consumer is symbolic to its quality control. The product Darfon makes is not simple a tool to complete your task but also part of your digital lifestyle. These are the criteria for making Darfon the No. 2 notebook keyboard manufacturer in the world. For more information on Darfon's products and services, please visit Darfon's website at

About Cypress
Cypress delivers high-performance, mixed-signal, programmable solutions that provide customers with rapid time-to-market and exceptional system value. Cypress offerings include the PSoC® Programmable System-on-Chip™, USB controllers, Laser Navigation Sensors, general-purpose programmable clocks and memories. Cypress also offers wired and wireless connectivity solutions ranging from its WirelessUSB™ radio system-on-chip, to West Bridge™ and EZ-USB® FX2LP controllers that enhance connectivity and performance in multimedia handsets. Cypress serves numerous markets including consumer, computation, data communications, automotive, industrial, and solar power. Cypress trades on the NYSE under the ticker symbol CY. Visit Cypress online at

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Cypress, the Cypress logo and PSoC are registered trademarks, and PRoC, WirelessUSB, enCoRe, AgileHID and KISSBind are trademarks of Cypress Semiconductor Corporation. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


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