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Cypress's 72 Mbit SRAMs Drive New Designs in Networking, Test Equipment and Defense Applications | Cypress Semiconductor

Cypress's 72 Mbit SRAMs Drive New Designs in Networking, Test Equipment and Defense Applications

Last Updated: November 03, 2004

SAN JOSE, Calif., November 3, 2004 - Cypress Semiconductor (NYSE:CY), the industry's second-largest SRAM supplier, announced today that it has shipped over $1 million in samples of its 72 Mbit standard synchronous or NoBL(TM) (No Bus Latency) SRAMs, the world's highest-density, six-transistor (6T) memory devices.  More than 100 customers--many in data networking, test equipment and defense technology--are now developing new product designs using Cypress's CY7C147X and CY7C148X families of products. This extensive design activity, in combination with the sampling of the 72 Mbit QDR (sampling since March 2004), places Cypress as first to market in the 72 Mbit Synchronous SRAM density node.

Available in 42 different configurations, Cypress's CY7C147X- and CY7C148X-series SRAMs deliver data five to seven times faster than competing high-speed DRAMs. The devices, scheduled for full production later this year, feature high data throughput and low latency for a wide array of applications, including switches, routers, basestations and data storage devices.

"Several major semiconductor test and networking equipment makers have selected Cypress's 72 Mbit SRAMs for new designs," according to Tony Alvarez, vice president of Cypress's Memory Products Division.   "Cypress's innovative design techniques significantly improve power consumption, speed and manufacturing flexibility.  What's more, the devices are pin compatible with lower-density SRAMs, enabling easy migration to higher densities by simplifying designs and saving board space."

Cypress's new 72-Mbit products can be purchased with either pipelined or flowthrough architectures.   With the pipelined architecture, they support clock speeds of up to 200 MHz and provide up to 9 Gbps bandwidth with one clock cycle of initial latency.  Using advanced frequency detecting circuitry, these devices are able to provide valid data during more than 60 percent of every clock cycle with a data valid window from 2.4 ns to 4.1 ns, maximizing its customers' timing budgets.  Products designed with the flowthrough architecture support clock speeds of 133 MHz, providing up to 4.8 Gbps of bandwidth with less than one cycle of initial latency.  Both pipelined and flowthrough devices are offered in 3.3V and 2.5V BGA, fBGA or TQFP packages, and are available in 4-Mbit x 18, 2-Mbit x 36 or 1-Mbit x 72 configurations.

Cypress's 72 Mbit devices are its first to use its leading-edge 90 nm (0.09 micron) RAM9(TM) process technology at its Fab 4 facility in Bloomington, Minn.   This technology uses Cypress's patented fully self-aligned contact and a tungsten stacked gate, which enables high performance transistors that are scalable to future technologies. Since the sampling of the 72 Mbit device, Cypress has qualified the 4 Mbit, 9 Mbit, and 18 Mbit Synchronous SRAMs on the 90-nm process. These die shrinks, along with the sampling of the 36 Mbit Synchronous SRAM on this technology, will give Cypress the cost structure and capacity to pass along industry leading pricing and availability to customers.

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