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Cypress’ Ultra-Low Power, Secure PSoC 6 MCU at the Core of Innovative Wellness Wearable from Oura Health | Cypress Semiconductor

Cypress’ Ultra-Low Power, Secure PSoC 6 MCU at the Core of Innovative Wellness Wearable from Oura Health

Last Updated: January 09, 2018

PSoC 6 Enables Market-Defining Features such as Week-Long Battery Life, a 10X Increase in Processing Capacity, Advanced Biometric Sensors and BLE Connectivity to the New Oura Ring

CONSUMER ELECTRONICS SHOW – LAS VEGAS, January 9, 2018—Cypress Semiconductor Corp. (NASDAQ: CY) today announced Oura Health’s new Oura smart ring utilizes Cypress’ PSoC 6® BLE microcontroller (MCU), the industry’s lowest power, most flexible dual-core MCU with built-in Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) wireless connectivity. Cypress’ secure PSoC 6 MCU architecture enables Oura users to track their sleep, recovery and daily activities for up to seven days with a single charge.

Leveraging its ultra-low power 40-nanometer process, low-power design techniques and a dual-core Arm® Cortex®-M4 and Cortex-M0+ architecture, the PSoC 6 MCU enables the new Oura ring to achieve more than 3-times the battery life and 10-times the processing capacity of its predecessor, along with a 50-percent-smaller form factor. The PSoC 6 MCU’s BLE connectivity allows users’ data to seamlessly sync with the Oura app and Oura Cloud and supports Over the Air (OTA) firmware updates. The Oura ring can also store data offline for up to six weeks with PSoC 6 MCU’s integrated flash memory.

“Our goal is to help users improve their sleep and overall health, and find their optimal daily rhythms through circadian alignment. This presented ambitious design challenges for our next-generation ring,” said Petteri Lahtela, CEO and Co-Founder at Oura Health. “The new Oura ring required long-lasting battery life, increased processing capacity, and the use of advanced sensors, all in a stylish and comfortable form factor. Choosing Cypress as our partner helped us meet these requirements and redefine what is possible for wearable health products.”

“We defined the PSoC 6 MCU architecture to help Internet of Things designers deliver market-defining capabilities,” said John Weil, vice president of the MCU Business Unit at Cypress. “The Oura ring exemplifies our vision of innovation. We are thrilled to be working with an award-winning company such as Oura Health to help them turn their ideas into products.”

Cypress is showcasing the Oura ring at CES 2018 in South Hall 2 of the Las Vegas Convention Center in meeting room MP25365.

To learn more about the new Oura ring and pre-order it for shipping in April 2018, please visit:

Oura ring health wearable

About PSoC 6

PSoC 6 is the industry’s lowest power, most flexible MCU with built-in Bluetooth Low Energy wireless connectivity and integrated hardware-based security in a single device. Software-defined peripherals can be used to create custom analog front-ends (AFEs) or digital interfaces for innovative system components such as electronic-ink displays. The architecture offers flexible wireless connectivity options, including fully integrated Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 5.0. The PSoC 6 MCU architecture features the latest generation of Cypress’ industry-leading CapSense® capacitive-sensing technology, enabling modern touch and gesture-based interfaces that are robust and reliable. The architecture is supported by Cypress’ PSoC Creator™ Integrated Design Environment (IDE) and the expansive Arm ecosystem. Designers can find more information on the PSoC 6 MCU architecture at

About Oura Health Ltd.

Oura Health Ltd. is a Finnish health technology company founded in 2013. Oura has users in over 50 countries, and several top universities, research organizations, sleep clinics, and companies are utilizing the data and insights Oura provides. In addition to the CES 2016 Best of Innovation Award, Oura Health has received among others the Fitness Award of the American Women’s Health Magazine in May 2016. This year Oura Health was selected as the Best Health/Lifestyle Startup in Finland at the Nordic Startup Awards. Oura Health Ltd.’s headquarters and major manufacturing facilities are located in Oulu, Finland. Other locations include Helsinki and San Francisco. For more information, visit

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