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Cypress Licenses Immersion Corporation's TouchSense Haptic Technology to Deliver First Single-Chip User Interface Controllers with REAL Touch Feedback | Cypress Semiconductor

Cypress Licenses Immersion Corporation's TouchSense Haptic Technology to Deliver First Single-Chip User Interface Controllers with REAL Touch Feedback

Last Updated: July 19, 2010

Next-Generation Cypress TrueTouch™ and CapSense® Solutions Enable Innovative Products with Tactile Feedback to Improve User Experience

SAN JOSE, Calif., July 15, 2009 – Cypress Semiconductor Corp. (NYSE: CY) and Immersion Corporation (NASDAQ:IMMR) today announced that Cypress has licensed Immersion’s patented TouchSense® haptic (touch feedback) technology to deliver integrated touch-sensing solutions with tactile feedback. Cypress will integrate this technology with its TrueTouch™ touchscreen and CapSense® capacitive touch solutions to improve the user experience in mobile phones, GPS systems, keyboards, white goods and other systems. Products employing this technology will be available immediately for selected OEMs and via broader product roll-out toward the end of this year.

Haptics, also known as touch feedback, delivers a tactile confirmation to users when input to a system via a touchscreen, slider, touchpad, or other digital interface. Cypress’s unique PSoC® architecture offers the flexibility to add haptics to TrueTouch and CapSense solutions. PSoC also enables devices to perform additional functions such as driving LEDs and controlling backlights.

“User interfaces are one of the most important ways to differentiate products and add value to consumers,” said Dhwani Vyas, vice president of Cypress’s User Interface Solutions. “Integrating haptics into our TrueTouch and CapSense offerings allows us to offer customers a richer experience with touch and haptic feedback.  We are pleased to be working with Immersion, which is the leading innovator in this space.”

“We are pleased that Cypress, the leader in touch sensing, will deliver Immersion’s TouchSense technology to provide the industry’s first integrated controller with touch feedback,” said Craig Vachon, senior vice president and general manager of Immersion’s Touch Business. “We expect Cypress’s new products to increase penetration of haptics into a wide range of products and revolutionize the user experience.”

About TrueTouch
The TrueTouch solution is based on proven Cypress capacitive sensing technology that has replaced over 3.5B mechanical buttons. TrueTouch products are targeted at consumer applications that require very low power, superior noise immunity, and tiny package options. The TrueTouch programmability allows customers to build custom solutions that meet unique user interface requirements, including gesture-based functions. TrueTouch works with various industrial materials such as glass and plastics, giving customers maximum flexibility to create sleek industrial designs. In addition, customers can also choose to work with a wide variety of touchscreen vendors and/or LCD module vendors to create their designs. Other touchscreen solutions are not programmable and require designers to implement a fixed solution with limited materials choices.

Cypress's TrueTouch touchscreen solution is based on projected capacitive touchscreen technology, offering numerous benefits over touchscreens based on resistive technology. These advantages include optical clarity, durability, reliability and cost-effective implementation of multi-touch features. TrueTouch also operates flawlessly in noisy environments with interference from RF and LCD noise sources. The TrueTouch family, based on the PSoC® programmable system-on-chip architecture, is the industry's broadest touchscreen offering, including single-touch, multi-touch gesture, and multi-touch all-point solutions (the ability to track up to 10 simultaneous touches).

Based on the flexible PSoC® programmable system-on-chip architecture, the TrueTouch solution also enables designers to integrate additional functions such as driving LEDs, backlight control and I/O expansion. These functions, in conjunction with flexible communication options (I2C and SPI), allow for unparalleled system integration for touchscreen systems. Additional information is available at

About CapSense
Cypress's CapSense Touch-Sensing solution has replaced 2.5 billion mechanical buttons in mobile handsets, laptops, consumer electronics, white goods, automotive applications, and virtually any system that has a mechanical button or switch, making Cypress the industry touch-sensing leader. The CapSense portfolio, the industry's broadest and most integrated, enhances industrial design and reliability with the most noise-immune and water tolerant capacitive touch-sensing interfaces, including proximity sensing where direct touch is not required. CapSense proximity sensing, with its industry leading detection range up to 25 cm, provides power savings by activating an interface only when needed while further enhancing industrial designs by only exposing interfaces when necessary. Based on the PSoC programmable system-on-chip architecture and the PSoC Designer™ Embedded-System Design Tool, users complete CapSense designs quickly and easily using pre-configured and verified "user modules" and real-time sensor tuning and monitoring. Learn more about CapSense online at

About TouchSense Technology
Immersion's TouchSense touch feedback technology more fully involves the sense of touch to make the user experience with digital and medical devices more efficient, intuitive, safer and more accurate. TouchSense solutions for medical device controls, programmable rotary technology, touchscreens, touch panels, touch surfaces, and handheld products incorporate numerous proprietary mechanical, electrical, software, and firmware technologies. Immersion can also assist partners with development and integration, making it faster and easier to realize the many benefits of touch feedback.

About Immersion (
Haptic (touch) technology is the future of user experience in digital devices. Founded in 1993, Immersion harnesses human touch to create user experiences that deliver a more compelling sense of the digital world. Using one of Immersion's adaptable high fidelity haptic systems, partners can achieve a competitive advantage and greater revenue opportunities with products that are more intuitive, satisfying, efficient, and safe. With Immersion technology, world-class companies can deliver improved user experiences in products such as widely popular video games, leading video console gaming systems, advanced automotive driver controls, and award-winning mobile phones. Immersion manufactures its own line of medical simulators that incorporate touch technology. These virtual reality training tools, installed around the world, enable practitioners to improve their practice of sophisticated life-saving surgical procedures prior to operating on patients. With over 700 issued or pending patents in the U.S. and other countries, Immersion is the leading innovator in touch-enabled user experiences that bring the digital universe to life.

About Cypress
Cypress delivers high-performance, mixed-signal, programmable solutions that provide customers with rapid time-to-market and exceptional system value. Cypress offerings include the PSoC® programmable system-on-chip, USB controllers, general-purpose programmable clocks and memories. Cypress also offers wired and wireless connectivity technologies ranging from its CyFi™ Low-Power RF solution, to West Bridge® and EZ-USB® FX2LP controllers that enhance connectivity and performance in multimedia handsets. Cypress serves numerous markets including consumer, computation, data communications, automotive, and industrial. Cypress trades on the NYSE under the ticker symbol CY. Visit Cypress online at

Forward-looking Statements
This press release contains "forward-looking statements" that involve risks and uncertainties, as well as assumptions that, if they never materialize or prove incorrect, could cause the results of Immersion Corporation, Cypress Semiconductor Corporation or their respective consolidated subsidiaries to differ materially from those expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements.

All statements, other than the statements of historical fact, are statements that may be deemed forward-looking statements, including the statement regarding plans to integrate Immersion's technology with Cypress products, the statements regarding timing of availability of Cypress products employing Immersion technology, the statement that haptics allows Cypress to offer customers a more integrated experience with touch and haptics feedback, the statement that Immersion expects Cypress’s new products to increase penetration of haptics into a wide range of products, and any statement or assumptions underlying any of the foregoing. Immersion's actual results might differ materially from those stated or implied by such forward-looking statements due to risks and uncertainties associated with Immersion’s or Cypress’s business, which include, but are not limited to, unanticipated flaws or defects in the Immersion’s or Cypress’s products, unanticipated difficulties in the implementation of haptics in Cypress’s products, the effects of the current macroeconomic climate, delay in or failure to achieve commercial demand for Immersion’s products or a delay in or failure to achieve the acceptance of force feedback as a critical user experience.

For a more detailed discussion of these factors, and other factors that could cause actual results to vary materially, interested parties should review the risk factors listed in Immersion’s and Cypress’s most current Form 10-Q or other periodic reports, which are on file with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The forward-looking statements in this press release attributable to Immersion or Cypress, respectively, reflect that Company’s management’s beliefs and predictions as of the date of this release.  Immersion and Cypress each disclaim any obligation to update such forward-looking statements as a result of financial, business, or any other developments occurring after the date of this release.

Cypress, the Cypress logo, CapSense, PSoC, West Bridge and EZ-USB are registered trademarks and CyFi and TrueTouch are trademarks of Cypress Semiconductor Corp. Immersion, the Immersion logo and TouchSense are trademarks of Immersion Corporation. All other trademarks are property of their owners.


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