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Cypress Envirosystems and John Picard to Lead Conference On Sustainable Hospitals | Cypress Semiconductor

Cypress Envirosystems and John Picard to Lead Conference On Sustainable Hospitals

Last Updated: April 13, 2011

Healthcare Leaders to Share Best Practices to Improve Patient Experience, Optimize Facility Performance, Reduce Energy Use and Save Money in Existing Facilities

SAN JOSE, Calif., April 14, 2011 – Cypress Envirosystems, a subsidiary of Cypress Semiconductor Corp. (Nasdaq:CY), today announced its lead role with John Picard in the upcoming Sustainable Hospitals Conference. The Conference, presented in cooperation with the San Diego chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), will take place May 4-6 in San Diego.  The conference will bring together healthcare executives from across the US and Europe to discuss the challenges in existing healthcare facilities and the opportunities to improve patient experience, reduce energy use and save money.

Cypress Envirosystems and John Picard were invited to shape the content and lead the discussion at the Conference.  “This is the fourth Sustainable Hospitals conference, and each time we seek out innovators that are driving change in the industry,” said Steve Eck, the meeting organizer.  “We’re pleased with the excitement that Cypress Envirosystems and John Picard are generating.”

Harry Sim, the CEO of Cypress Envirosystems, said “Sustainable Hospitals is a fantastic forum to share ideas and discuss the options healthcare facilities have to improve operations.”  Sim will highlight hospitals that have used non-invasive retrofit solutions to modernize their facilities without disrupting patients and staff.  He has also invited Walt Dubois, a utilities manager for Catholic Healthcare West, who will share a case study on the benefits realized with the Wireless Pneumatic Thermostat, a non-invasive HVAC retrofit solution, at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix.

John Picard will serve as the keynote speaker and master of ceremonies of this event.  Picard is well known for the work he did during the Clinton Administration on the Greening of the White House project, which was instrumental in the formation of the USGBC.  Picard has implemented groundbreaking sustainable practices in a wide range of industries and has most recently advised the United Kingdom’s National Health Service on sustainable strategies for their network.  Doug Kot, the Executive Director of the USGBC San Diego chapter, said “John Picard is a driving force in the adoption of sustainable technologies; I am excited to know that he is now applying his considerable influence toward the sustainable transformation of healthcare facilities.  Perhaps most important for the conference, John has a natural ability to get people excited about sustainability and to inspire change."

The conference will showcase the first LEED gold certified community clinic in the US, with a site visit to La Maestra Community Health Center.  Other speakers will include representatives from Northwestern Memorial Hospital, The Children’s Hospital of Aurora, Colorado, Harley Ellis Devereaux, Cooley Dickinson Hospital, Ashen and Allen, Inova Health Systems, and Seattle Children’s Hospital.

About the Cypress Envirosystems Wireless Pneumatic Thermostat (WPT)
Cypress Envirosystems’ patent pending WPT solution retrofits existing pneumatic thermostats to deliver direct digital control (DDC) functionality in minutes. Compared with the cost to implement conventional DDC retrofit, the WPT costs 80% less, pays back in 18 months or shorter, and can be installed in under 20 minutes with minimal disruption of occupants.  It enables remote temperature sensing and control of setpoints, programmable zone control and night setback, automatic self-calibration, BACnet integration with existing automation systems, and communication with utility Demand Response programs.   Sensor data gathered by the WPT is used for retro and ongoing commissioning to save energy and reduce maintenance costs.  The WPT was first introduced in 2008, and is now used in over 150 sites across North America including Fortune 500 office buildings, hospitals, universities, K-12 schools, and government buildings.   Kaiser Permanente, Santa Clara County Government, Western Michigan University, and the LA Chamber of Commerce are among the many customers.

About Cypress Envirosystems, Inc.
Cypress Envirosystems is a subsidiary of Cypress Semiconductor (Nasdaq: CY). Its mission is to save energy and improve productivity in existing plants and buildings, using state-of-the-art non-invasive and wireless technologies to minimize disruption and cost, delivering payback of 18 months or less. Visit Cypress Envirosystems at

About John Picard
John Picard, Founder and CEO of John Picard and Associates, is one of the preeminent environmental consultants in North America. Since his start as a residential and commercial builder in the 1980's, John has pioneered a philosophy of natural systems and sustainable design in his work as a green building engineer, corporate strategist and thought leader. Over the past 20 years John was involved with the founding of the US Green Building Council, became the original member of Interface's Dream Team, and has helped dozens of corporate clients globally.

About Cypress
Cypress delivers high-performance, mixed-signal, programmable solutions that provide customers with rapid time-to-market and exceptional system value. Cypress offerings include the flagship PSoC® programmable system-on-chip families and derivatives such as PowerPSoC® solutions for high-voltage and LED lighting applications, CapSense® touch sensing and TrueTouch™ solutions for touchscreens. Cypress is the world leader in USB controllers, including the high-performance West Bridge® solution that enhances connectivity and performance in multimedia handsets. Cypress is also a leader in high-performance memories and programmable timing devices. Cypress serves numerous markets including consumer, mobile handsets, computation, data communications, automotive, industrial and military. Cypress trades on the NASDAQ Global Select Market under the ticker symbol CY. Visit Cypress online at

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